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PokerMaster news! About 300 closed bank accounts, alliances ceased!

Author: Vargoso Published: 12.06.19

Breaking news from PokerMaster! The Chinese government conducted a massive operation against illegal gambling and closed over 200 bank accounts belonging to half of the major alliances on the site, with all the disastrous consequences for all parties involved. In this article, we share our position in this matter.

PokerMaster news! About 300 closed bank accounts, alliances ceased!

PokerMaster: China attacks real money games

As we have seen from several sources, right after one year of banning gambling applications in the country, the Chinese government took drastic measures against illegal games. A few days ago, the authorities conducted a massive operation including the blocking of 200-300 bank accounts related to PokerMaster alliances and plastic cards used for transactions. Similar operations (though on a smaller scale) were also conducted in Vietnam.

Naturally, all this led to the breaking of the alliances, as the money is frozen, and the games were stopped. It can be stated without going too far, that real money games at PokerMaster are almost paralyzed.

Our position in this matter

Coincidentally, the previous week of the events, Worldpokerdeals completely ceased working with PokerMaster. On May 29, 2019, we shared a letter in our Telegram channels:

After a looong consideration, we decided to completely stop all relations with Pokermaster, it’s agents and clubs. We see the whole platform as fraudulent field mostly ran by rogue admins whose only aim is to cheat players. Both sides.

We don’t want to generalize but from our estimation - 90%+ of clubs and their owners are involved in dark cheating schemes.

We are sure that greed, lack of professionalism, idiotic rules and zero trust in the games transparency - is not what online poker should target.

PokerMaster has become a platform that is recognized for collusion, botting and other cheating in general. After being cheated ourselves - we don’t wish no more to be associated with this brand from now on.

Thus we decided to stop our PokerMaster deals until good changes in PokerMaster will take place. If there will be a case.

We will focus on bringing you fat, fair and clean deals in apps like PPPoker, Upoker and FirePoker where game hosts care about their reputation and not encourage cheaters to cheat.

With this said, all PokerMaster accounts were already stopped and players will receive their full withdrawals within next days. Our room managers will provide all info.

We are not bragging. We did not foresee such a development of the events. We were somewhat lucky to take distance just a few days before the big slick.

In a short time, this may lead to the complete closure of PokerMaster. Also, no one can deny that there are chances that the information leak to the police (without this it would not have been possible to get to the bank accounts) came from players victims of unfair play and decided to take revenge of the scammers.

What to do now?

As far as we know, players working with large affiliates should not suffer for these events, as the money is currently withdrawn from the clubs. Of course, we recommend that all players refrain from playing in PokerMaster, at least until the situation stabilizes there.

Now is the best time to consider joining alternative sites, especially in "traditional" poker rooms that are also offering games with Chinese players.

For example, GG Network and Microgaming, both fully licensed European networks that are doing an outstanding job attracting Asian players with local skins. Our scouts confirm that the games in the last three months have become much softer there.

For those who are not ready to drop the Chinese winrate, we recommend checking more reliable alternatives in other applications: PPPoker, HiPoker, Card Club (bankrolls fully guaranteed by WPD), FirePoker (PokerCommunity), PotatoPoker, where players are showing a high winrate, and no issues have arisen with withdrawals.

In any case, we invite our players to contact our team to get advice to choose a worthy alternative.

Conclusions and prospects

It is evident that after the closure of the accounts of over half of the PokerMaster alliances, the Chinese poker world has not become safer.

The fact that the Chinese authorities took action against local rooms in a more real plane, jeopardizing the operation of the largest operation — PokerMaster (even if it was not distinguished by being particularly transparent), it's a nasty symptom for the entire industry. But according to our experience, online poker adapts very well and easily switch pages, so there is no need to exaggerate and talk about a Chinese poker crackdown.

In the short term, the actual closure of over half of the PokerMaster alliances means that many amateur players (those who, despite losing their money, will remain gamers) are actively looking where to play now. The big question is where and when they are going to satisfy their gambling addiction.

Worldpokerdeals invites all those players who are "tied" to PokerMaster to reach us and choose a good poker room to continue playing.

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