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PokerMaster Taiwan Millions Tournament announced in January 2019

After the New Year's Eve celebrations, the Asian poker players are invited to pack their bags to Taipei City, Taiwan, where the second edition of the PokerMaster Taiwan Millions has been announced.

PokerMaster Taiwan Millions Tournament announced in January 2019

PokerMaster Taiwan Millions Tournament 2018

The first edition of the PokerMaster Taiwan Millions Tournament was played at Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Club — Taipei City in July 2018 and featured a total of 23 events. The Main Event had a buy-in of NT$6,400 + NT$1,600 and it drew the attention of 537 players which created a prize-pool of NT$3,340,800. Chia Lin Chang won the Main Event getting NT$641,000 ($20,904).

PokerMaster Taiwan Millions Tournament 2019

Almost 20 tournaments are scheduled to run at the Taipei Municipal Stadium, including the Main Event, from January 16th, 2019, and with three more initial flights until the final day on January 27th. The Main Event will have a GTD prize of NT$2,000,000 ($65kUSD) as GTD prize, an NT$6,800+1200 ($260USD), buy-in and 15,000 initial chips with 30 minutes blind levels. 

Daily satellites will be played to the Main Event and other tournaments for 22% of the cost of the direct buy-in. Another tournament with a guaranteed prize — Warm Up, NT$500,000 GTD and NT$3,000+500 buy-in — will be played from day 1 until day 4.

The schedule includes NLH-Turbo, DeepStack, MegaStack, KO Bounty, events, and a High Roller tournament with NT$45,000+5,000 which will start on January 26, 2019.


All the PokerMaster TMT 2019 events are listed on the Global Poker Index China GPIC (except for satellites) and those will count towards Player of the Year Awards.


The tournament series sponsored by the top Chinese poker apps are becoming a tradition for Asian poker players. We consider this a good attempt to emerge from shadows and gain credibility both for local and international players. Recently we wrote about the PPPoker World Championship which will be held in Manila in 2019, and with the second edition of the PokerMaster TMT, we can conclude that the Asian boom is just starting.

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Vargoso 23.12.18
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