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Pokermonster NOW available in English

Do you speak chinese? Neither do us!!! That is why the news from Pokermonster are very good; the best chinese room in the market is now available to all players in english version. Keep reading for detailed instructions to change Pokermonster in english:

Pokermonster NOW available in English

One of the main cons of Pokermonster, was that their desktop version, the one compatible with hand converter, was only available in chinese, wich forced our players to use manuals and learn some chinese to play in the room.

Now, the software is avaiable 100% in english, much friendlier to the poker world and the industry standard. You have two options to configure desktop version of Pokermonster in english:

  • Next time you open Pokermonster, software will request you new language; if that happens, just click on "English" and that's all you need to do
  • If last step doesn't happen, no worries, you are just a phew clicks away of having a much friendlier software:

1. Click on the setting button (red circle):

2. Choose United Stated flag:

3. Restart software

Final result with any method will be Pokermonster in english:


Vargoso 14.03.17
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