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PokerStars and iPoker lose millions of dollars in revenue in 2019

Two gaming holdings, The Stars Group and Playtech, released their 2019 financial reports almost simultaneously. Of course, we are mainly interested in the performance of their poker divisions — PokerStars and iPoker network.

PokerStars and iPoker lose millions of dollars in revenue in 2019

PokerStars earned $65 million less in 2019

The results of the largest poker room in the world draw the attention of many people, whether you play there or not. PokerStars still has a significant impact on the entire online poker industry. We have closely followed the development of the poker room in 2019, and we have seen how The Stars Group has become a regular gaming holding, in which online poker is only a division and not the most important source of income.

And after the takeover by Flutter Entertainment, which is supposed to happen this year, this trend will only get worse. However, TSG still has a significant advantage in the share of online poker revenues compared to other companies such as GVC Holdings, 888, or Playtech.

So, what are the PokerStars results related to all of the above? 

In the 4th quarter of 2019, PokerStars earned $188,9 million, which is 10.4% less than in the same period last year. In absolute numbers, this is a loss of $65.3 million.

In the report, these results are explained by problems in fenced markets like Switzerland, Sweden, or Spain, exchange rate, as well as large payments in Spins. This last comment is not a joke: PokerStars says the spins are responsible for a 2% drop in revenue.

iPoker lost 11.7% revenue in 2019

The Playtech shareholders lost 2.7% of revenue last year providing services to online poker players, which is not their only niche. Moreover, casino revenues, which have always been a savior of Playtech, decreased 21% at once.

It is only thanks to a 56% increase in betting revenue that the company's B2B section has lost so few incomes. What about online poker?

This is not the first year that the fall in iPoker income exceeded 10%.

The share of online poker in Playtech revenue in 2019 was only 1,5%! The net profit of iPoker was €8.4 million.

In conclusion, Stars is still doing well in the financial sphere. And although iPoker has good prospects for 2020, mainly due to the closure of Microgaming Poker Network, they still have a lot of work to do.

Although there are more zeros in the PokerStars revenue than all top poker rooms combined, many regulars prefer to find another site to grind.

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