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Pokerstars announces death of rakeback

This week very bad news came from Amaya, parent company of the popular poker room Pokerstars. It seems that Amaya's intent of destroying online poker in the classic sense if one of the main topics in the board, as several changes will take place very soon in the room this 2017. 

Pokerstars announces death of rakeback

Pokerstars users with Supernova status, one of the highest in the poker room, received a short letter with a brief on the upcoming changes. Nothing very specific, but we can highlight:

  • Monthly rakeback will be replaced by daily and weekly status, depending not only of the rake generated, but also on deposits, betting casino games, poker limits and some other crucial factor for the room such as moon phases and the monthly Emma Watson calendar.
  • As a result of the changes, rakeback of some players in the worst case will drop up to 85%.
  • Changes will take place literally in one month. After some short tests, the new system will be introduced for all players.

Most popular online forums have already exploded with a big storm of indignation, but practice shows that such tough decisions are not taken lightly and there is absolutely zero expectation for the good old days.

We are preparing a special promotion for players with Supernova status on Pokerstars. We invite you to try the fascinating poker world of Asia, Italia and many other rooms, where online poker is more than alive.

Vargoso 05.04.17
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