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PokerStars: Anonymous tables and new spins

Author: Vargoso Published: 11.10.19

PokerStars is moving forward with the development and implementation of several new features for its players. It's not a secret that all of them aimed to attract more recreational players to the tables. The novelties we will discuss in this article are not the exception, and although those are in the testing phase, the information has been leaked to public sources.

PokerStars: Anonymous tables and new spins

PokerStars will test anonymous tables

As we said before, any step forward made by one of the market leaders shocks the industry; that's why we covered the PokerStars developments extensively this year;

Commonly, almost all features or changes made by PokerStars quickly spread to other poker rooms (fortunately for players, zero rakeback is still not a popular idea), but we have seen 6+ Hold'em, new spins and restrictions to multitabling added to several poker networks.

The next PokerStars innovation, according to PokerFuse, will be the introduction of anonymous tables.

Severin Rasset, Managing Director at The Stars Group, is cautious about the prospects of the new feature and said it should be tested first. Only after retrieving enough data and feedback from the players, it will be rolled out (if so) in the global gaming client.

Hand histories are perhaps the main concern that all regulars have right now because, in almost all other rooms, HH completely disappeared when anonymous tables were instated. But, as far as we know, PokerStars is taking a similar approach as MPN: hand histories will become available within 24 hours, including the nicknames of the opponents.

It's easy to predict that, at least after the launch, these tables will be full of recreational players.

Anonymous tables are not a new tendency in online poker. Bodog Poker added this feature to its client eight years ago and has expanded to other networks such as Microgaming, Pokerdom, or Spartan Poker. Only partypoker had tried a different approach and even requested to use real names at high stakes games.

The anonymous tables roadmap is still unknown, but based on the experience of the latest PokerStars novelties, a beta-testing phase will be carried out in a small reservation, and if it's successful, it will be deployed globally. 

New Spins — Spin & Go Flash

PokerStars has been testing new formats both in cash games and spins this year. The last experiment was with 6+ Hold'em spins, but it was unsuccessful as it lasted only a few months in the client.

Yesterday the $1,000 spins (which we discussed in July) returned to the lobby, and also among the files included in the software update, there are files related to a new format: Spin & Go Flash. 

Today Spin & Go Flash was released at PokerStars Italy, with an initial stack of 300 chips (15bb) instead of 500 chips and blinds increasing every minute. This structure, without a doubt, makes it very complex to beat spins at any stake.

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