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PokerStars: Danish players get the full Aurora client

Author: Vargoso Published: 29.01.20

Two weeks ago, we reported that PokerStars updated its interface by changing global players from the default table themes to the new Aurora engine. This week, Stars took another step in the Aurora testing process by fully updating the client in Denmark. In this article, we share all the novelties that the descendant of the Vikings discovered in Aurora.

PokerStars: Danish players get the full Aurora client

PokerStars continues testing the Aurora engine

The latest PokerStars experiments could be called ingenious, especially when talking about testing new game formats, which have supported the gradual launch of the Aurora client.

What has Stars launched in recent years?

  • The first format in the new engine was Power Up, a mix between poker and a fantasy card game, which was closed recently after a 3-year test;
  • Since 2019, all new cash games added in a separate tab also ran under Aurora;
  • In the spring of 2019, Portugal began testing four themes with new graphics;
  • Gradually, one of those themes — "Saloon" was added to other pools, and in late 2019, 6+ Hold'em and Tempest Hold'em were deployed in Aurora;
  • Two weeks ago, four new Aurora table themes were available to the global pool of players.

But the biggest surprise was prepared for the Danish players. At first, players saw the lobby updated, leaving the tables with the classic themes. The previous tables looked like old-fashioned lobby:

PokerStars lobby

And today another update installed the full Aurora client with a fully updated design:

Aurora lobby — PokerStars client

In the settings section, players found an option to disable the new tables, although they could not change the new lobby.

What are the main differences between the new and the old lobby?

The new PokerStars Aurora main lobby looks like this:

PokerStars Aurora Lobby

In general, we can say that the software has become more stylish and modern. The main feature is the transition to a flat design; all windows look softer, and the tab borders are less distinguished from the background by their color.

The ovals have replaced the rectangular buttons, and the edges of the primary menu tabs are almost invisible.

So far, PokerStars is choosing not to completely redesign the lobby structure with the new engine, and the changes, at least for now, are just graphics. It's still unclear how these improvements will affect the game experience.

For players in the PokerStars global pool, the news from Denmark means only one thing — Aurora is one step closer. And although Stars is not rushing the update, most likely before the end of the year, all players will be playing in the new client.

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