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PokerStars strikes again: table cap for cash games reduced to four

Author: Vargoso Published: 21.08.19

Summer is generally considered a "dead" poker season, as most players travel on vacation; the poker rooms try to take advantage of this to try several novelties with the remaining players. PokerStars is no exception, and a few weeks ago launched 6+ Hold'em spins, as well as the All in Cash Out feature, all "friendly" changes. That is why almost all players are shocked by the latest decision to restrict the maximum number of tables that will be played simultaneously.

PokerStars strikes again: table cap for cash games reduced to four

Is it possible to grind at PokerStars?

PokerStars has been testing with the maximum number of simultaneous tables for a long time. For example, last year, the Italian reservation was sharply reduced from 24 to 6 tables. In May, the same model was applied to the Europool. It was only a matter of time before the restrictions reached to the .COM pool, although everyone's bet was for next year.

Suddenly, Severin Rasset (recently appointed Managing Director of The Stars Group) announced that starting immediately, a new game scheme would be launched for all players' pools. It seems that the beta testing stage is over and the time has come to spread innovations worldwide.

"As of today, August 20, players on PokerStars (.be, .bg, .com, .desh, .dk, .ee, .eu, .uk, .ro, .cz, .se, .fr, .es, .pt, .it) will be limited to playing four regular cash game tables at any one time, at all stakes. Table caps for all other games, including Zoom, will remain unchanged."

Only a few people read the PokerStars blog for news, so many players were discouraged when they could not sit at the fifth table, and in response to their requests (maybe it was some kind of software bug :)), the support confirmed the new restrictions. Of course, regulars were not happy with the decision.

In fact, a new group was already organizing to do another boycott to the room, as it was for example for KO tournaments with unfair structures or the introduction of Star Rewards a.k.a no-rakeback chests. For all the angry players, Rasset gave some comments in advance:

"We haven’t taken this decision lightly, and we are confident this is the right thing to do for the future of the game."

In short, the four table cap is here to stay, unless the profits continue to decline, of course, which is unlikely.

How does PokerStars explain such a decision? Rasset shared a few explanations about the movement:

  • "By reducing the table cap from 24 to 4, we are reducing the number of multi-tabling players and increasing the number of more casual one-table players at each table."
  • "This should lead to increased win rates on any individual table for the strongest players, while increasing the likelihood that single-table players will meet others like themselves. As a result, they’ll have more chance of experiencing winning sessions and continue to play in the longer term."


PokerStars is following the lead of world-known poker rooms for its anti-reg features like Bodog (in fact, Bodog instated the four table cap several years ago). After slashing rakeback several times, now grinders can only sit at a few tables at the same time, even surpassing 888 Poker (a TOP-10 poker room in terms of traffic), one of the oldest "fighters" for the rights of amateurs, where players cannot join more than six tables at the same time. Some players will try to compensate for the new rule by mixing regular tables with Zoom but they would be a minority.

Worldpokerdeals provides its players with a fine selection of poker rooms with comfortable conditions to grind and good rakeback. If you were affected by the latest PokerStars decision and you want to increase your EV, please get in touch with our team.

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