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Possible poker legalization in Japan: Legal situation of gambling in Japan

Hello guys! Being Japan a country with 127 million habitants, it is quite normal that any news related to gambling (live or online) reaches the media cause lots of noise. In this post, we are going to review the latest news from Japan and the possibility of having legal gambling in the country.

Possible poker legalization in Japan: Legal situation of gambling in Japan

First of all, let us be direct. Gambling is almost absolutely illegal in Japan. The Criminal Code marks as illegal most ways of gambling except betting on horse racing, playing the lottery or a local game named Pachinko and certain Motorsports. Poker and online poker are banned in Japan. As in China, a possible legalization of online gambling would be a big step for Japan inhabitants, but today we "sadly" must say that gambling is illegal.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that Japanese players cannot have access to online poker. But, they must use specialized services like WorldPokerDeals to have secure access to online poker rooms like PokerMaster. The popularity of online gambling in Japan has been growing in the last years, despite the regulation of course (well, we all know that when something is illegal it becomes more interesting)

Now, in 2018, the Japanese government is proposing a bill (Integrated Resorts IR bill) that will allow poker in local casinos (among other popular games as blackjack, baccarat, roulette), as a part of a program including big entertainment resorts in Japan. There are some very weird restrictions, like the one that forbids that acquaintances sit down in the same table, being this a responsibility of the dealers (so, basically the dealer will decide if you can sit in a poker table). Also, casino management committees must be created to assure the fairness of the poker tables, one of the main concerns of the authorities. We need to mention that IR Bill has a very important support of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

This bill proposal is a very good first step from Japanese authorities, as it will boost the poker popularity in the casinos and from that, online poker is just one step ahead. But, that will be a long step (first land-based casinos are expected to open its doors by 2023 as the bidding for licenses will start in 2020) and we understand you cannot just wait that long, and for Japanese poker players, WorldPokerDeals have very good news.

If you live in Japan, or you are a Japanese poker player looking for the best online poker rooms from your side of the world (Asian apps like PokerMaster, PokerLords, SuperPoker), or poker rooms from all the world like Tigergaming, Goldpokerpro among others, you just need to contact our team and in seconds we can offer you a very complex setup without zero effort to you. Completely safe, from your home in Japan, only with WorldPokerDeals.

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Vargoso 06.06.18
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