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PPPoker Pro: a first look at real money app

PPPoker Pro is the latest development of the mobile poker apps industry. Developed by AceKing IOM Limited, a company headquartered in the Isle of Man, it will become the first real money poker app with a direct cashier that holds a gambling license.

PPPoker Pro: a first look at real money app

What is PPPoker Pro?

PPPoker Pro is a new real money poker app introduced by AceKing IOM Limited that currently runs a private beta testing. 

AceKing IOM Limited, the company behind PPPoker Pro, has been legally registered in the Isle of Man since April 2019 and holds a gambling license from the same country.

The main idea behind PPPoker Pro is to offer real money games to poker players living in certain countries with a direct cashier. In short, a traditional poker room working only with a mobile client.

PPPoker Pro App

Worldpokerdeals got access to a sneak preview of the new PPPoker Pro app, and here we share our conclusions:

  • PPPoker Pro uses the same application as PPPoker, all the details, lobby, etc., are the same;

  • If you try to register from a restricted country, a message is displayed announcing that "application is not available in your region";

PPPoker Pro restricted countries

  • The cashier has two buttons: "Withdraw" and "Deposit," and when you click on any of these, you are asked for details like birth date and national ID number;

  • VIP cards (Silver card, Black card, Platinum card) that give benefits like stats can be purchased directly in the app.

A PPPoker Pro Japan Gold Dragon online satellite is announced from January 13 to 16.

PPPoker Pro Japan Gold Dragon

What new features does PPPoker Pro bring?

The main novelty that brings PPPoker Pro is to have a direct cashier to process deposits and withdrawals to players. In theory, this will eliminate the need for agents in the future, and club owners will be in charge of promoting the site.

Operate with a gambling license also changes many things, as PPPoker Pro must comply with strict terms and conditions, and even players may complain to a gaming authority.

PPPoker Pro FAQ

Does PPPoker Pro hold a gaming license?

Yes, PPPoker Pro holds a gaming license from the Isle of Man. We verified this on the official Isle of Man Government Website.

PPPoker Pro License

When will PPPoker Pro be officially launched? 

PPPoker Pro is now running a private beta testing, and some Japanese clubs are already part of the soft launch.

As the company already holds a gaming license and the poker client is already developed, the official launch of PPPoker Pro could be in the next few months.

Are there any restricted countries in PPPoker Pro?

Over 60 countries are not welcome in PPPoker Pro; in short, any country with a restrictive gambling regulation won't have access to PPPoker Pro games.

From the PPPoker Pro restricted country list, we highlight Australia, China, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and of course, the United States of America.

What deposit and withdrawal methods will be available in PPPoker Pro?

Deposits and withdrawal methods are not yet public, but considering the large list of restricted countries, globally accepted payment processors could be added to the platform.

What are the main differences between PPPoker Pro and PPPoker?

PPPoker Pro and PPPoker use the same gaming platform; the only difference is the cashier section added to PPPoker Pro.

The companies behind PPPoker and PPPoker Pro are also different, although their names are very similar:

  • Aceking IOM Limited > PPPoker Pro

  • AceKing Tech Limited > PPPoker

As PPPoker Pro will have a direct cashier, most likely, the agent system won't work, and perhaps only affiliates promote the room to bring new players.

Where can I download PPPoker Pro?

Reach our team to get access to the PPPoker Pro client and take part in its soft launch.

Meanwhile, we invite you to join the games in our PPPoker club set with our unique full bankroll guarantee:

Telegram: @David_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: Contact

Email: [email protected]

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