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Red Dragon Poker is back! Play at the Chinese PokerStars

Author: Vargoso Published: 06.10.19

This year hasn't been particularly easy for the Chinese poker industry. Not only PokerMaster almost ceased its operations, but the two major applications — PokerKing Asia and Red Dragon Poker — blocked access to overseas players. The good news is that in exclusive Worldpokerdeals players can join the second room again, widely known for their relationship with PokerStars. In this article, we share all the details of the renewed Red Dragon Poker.

Red Dragon Poker is back! Play at the Chinese PokerStars

Why is Red Dragon Poker profitable?

By closing its borders this year, Red Dragon Poker can be defined as a completely reg-free poker room. During a week of scouting, our team confirmed that the games at Red Dragon Poker remained extremely soft and weak lineups are the rule.

Other advantages of Red Dragon Poker:

  • 30+ tables at NL70 — NL350 around the clock;
  • 6-7 tables at PLO70 — PLO350, which can make of RDP a main poker room for PLO grinders;
  • No VPN needed (in fact using a VPN can lead to a ban);
  • HUD and stats via hand converter;
  • No special conditions to join clubs;
  • High reliability thanks to an open partnership with PokerStars.

Red Dragon Poker traffic in 2019

We analyzed the traffic at Red Dragon Poker from 20/40/80 stakes, which is about NL70, considering the straddle. Almost all tables are played in 8-max format.


Stake 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00 21:00
20/40(80) – NL70 19 21 22 19 13
40/80(160) – NL140 9 11 14 13 7
100/200 – NL175 5 8 5 4 5
100/200(400) – NL350   2 2 2  


Stake 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00 21:00
20/40(80) – PLO70 1 5 5 3 4
40/80(160) – PLO140   1   1  
100/200(400) – PLO350 3 2 3 2 4

On weekends a few 200/400-400/800 tables can be spotted in the lobby.

Red Dragon Poker FAQ

We answer the most common questions about Red Dragon Poker and our affiliate deal:

  • Has the business relationship between PokerStars and Red Dragon Poker been confirmed?

Yes, as we announced in February this year, Red Dragon Poker was not only created and launched under the leadership of PokerStars, but the PokerStars managers also participate in the management of the Chinese room.

It's a sign of the great interest of PokerStars in the Chinese market and is just following the footsteps of other applications that cleared the path.

  • What is the currency used at Red Dragon Poker?

To avoid any legal issues, Red Dragon Poker is using its currency at the tables, Red Dragon Coin (RDC):

  • 16.66 Red Dragon Coin (RDC) = 1 CNY;
  • 1USD ≈ 7,15CNY.
  • Who can get a deal from WPD to play at Red Dragon Poker?

Right now, all our players are welcome to join Red Dragon Poker. To get more information, please contact our manager, Alexey:

Telegram: @alexey_wpd

Skype: live:newbheartstoned

E-mail: [email protected]

  • How to get an account and a deal at Red Dragon Poker?

Unlike most Chinese poker rooms, players create their gaming accounts at Red Dragon Poker. Each account is linked to a specific phone number, and it's crucial to use those numbers to which you have regular access and can receive SMS. VPN's are prohibited.

To confirm that your account is tracked correctly under our affiliate deal, you must contact our manager with your account details.

  • How is Red Dragon Poker different from other Chinese poker rooms?

Besides being backed by PokerStars, there are no fundamental differences between Red Dragon Poker and other Chinese rooms. The client is standard and available in English.

The gameplay is also similar to other applications — the tables are created for a specific time (usually 2.5 hours), and you can only play at one table per account. Almost all Red Dragon Poker tables have straddle and ante, and players are required to buy a 10% insurance when going all-in.

  • What is the rake structure at Red Dragon Poker?

Red Dragon Poker charges a 5% rake of the winnings at the end of each session.

  • What payment methods are available to deposit and withdrawal from Red Dragon Poker?

As usual, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, and BTC are available to our players. Each withdrawal is subject to the service fee that includes the cost of processing payments by Chinese banks. Our manager will confirm the current fee when creating your account. The minimum deposit is $500 per account.

  • Does HUD work at Red Dragon Poker?

Yes, players can set up a HUD at Red Dragon Poker through hand converters. The client also offers some statistics that can be accessed with a special VIP card for 500 RDC (about $5).

  • What kind of players are profitable to join Red Dragon Poker?

According to our scouts, Red Dragon Poker is an excellent room for mid-stakes grinders (NL70 — NL150) looking for the softest tables in China. Also, high rollers can take advantage of a few weak tables during peak time.

  • Is it safe to play at Red Dragon Poker?

Considering that the Chinese branch of PokerStars supervises Red Dragon Poker, and the fact that RDP officially accepts players from all countries, we believe that the security of the games is high.

Please contact our manager Alexey for more details about our Red Dragon Poker deal:

Red Dragon Poker logo
Red Dragon Poker
Asian mobile platform Bitcoins accepted
Deposit bonus n/a
Rakeback n/a

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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