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Road to Vegas, AoF SnG, and other GGPoker news in August 2021

Author: Vargoso Published: 30.07.21

GGPoker released its monthly update on July 28th, 2021. It introduced the brand new All-in or Fold SnG and promotion for tournament players: $1,000,000 Gift Box. Road to Vegas events were also added, with a chance to win a package for the WSOP Main Event.

Road to Vegas, AoF SnG, and other GGPoker news in August 2021

Vegas Packages

We all know that the World Series of Poker will return to Las Vegas on September 30th this year. Due to COVID regulations, it is unknown how easy it will be for players to travel from Europe and other areas of the world to America. However, in two days, they will have the opportunity to win an online package for the main event

The Road to Vegas promotion with satellites begins on August 1st, 2021, at GGPoker, where packages valued in $12,500 for the ME WSOP 2021 are going to be given away.

Each package includes (besides the tournament buy-in):

  1. $1,2500 for traveling expenses (booked through MainEventTravel.com)
  2. 7-night stay at the Rio
  3. Branded merchandise and an opportunity to join the GGPoker WSOP Players Party

Currently, Road To Vegas promotion schedule includes tournaments only until August 8th, but according to this information, the number of packages given away will be unparalleled, with more than fifty in just eight days! Furthermore, the majority of the qualifying events are direct, with buy-ins of $80, $250, and $1,050.

At least 170 entries are necessary to cover the guarantee of the cheapest satellite, which is quite a lot for a tournament with a single prize, which is an entrance to a live event in the United States. There has never been a promotion this big.

All-in or Fold SnG

All-in or Fold SnG at GGPoker

A month and a half after the launch of Battle Royale, another type of SnG tournament appeared on the GGNetwork:

The All-in or Fold tab now includes a section with 16-player SnG tournaments at three buy-in levels: $0.50, $5, and $25 in Hold'em and Omaha.

  • Each player gets 3 stacks of 8BBs (2,400 chips in total) and has a right to use all of the chips at the tables at once or make additional purchases. If the stack size falls below 3BB, then the re-purchase occurs automatically.
  • At each of the 4 tables, the game goes on until the last player remains.
  • The blinds rise every 1 minute.
  • All participants of the final (40%, 30%, 20%, 10%) get into the prizes. Before the start of the final game, all players receive 3 stacks again.
  • Rake is 7% -10%.

Immediately after these tournaments were added, a separate race for $5,000 in prize money in the form of tickets appeared exclusively for All-in or Fold SnG players:

Stakes Prizes Paid positions
$25 $3,600 30
$5 $1,245 50
$0,50 $210 70

1 point is credited for each all-in at the table.

$1,000,000 Gift Box

$1M Gift Box at GGPoker

Throughout August, a new promotion for MTT players will be available. Results of any multi-table event from August 1st through August 31st will count towards it, including the WSOP Online. Every day, 1,400 prizes or unique boxes will be raffles as part of the promotion:

  • 1-200 places -  100 Gift Box (tickets for $25 All-in or Fold Sit & Go, $20 Spin & Gold, $10 Battle Royale, $20 Flip & Go, and C $25).
  • 201-600 places - $20 Gift Box (tickets for $5 All-in or Fold Sit & Go, $5 Spin & Gold, $3 Battle Royale, $3 Flip & Go, and C$4).
  • 601-1,400 places - $5 Gift Box (two tickets for  0.5 All-in or Fold Sit & Go and $0.5 Flip & Go, $1 Spin & Gold, $1 Battle Royale, and C$1).

Points towards the leaderboard are awarded according to the following formula:

Leaderboard Point = log(prize pool) / sqrt (Relative Rank),  RR = final place/number of entries

New Battle Royale

Battle Royale tournaments have become even more dynamic. The number of participants was reduced from 100 to 30, which required changes in all three stages:

  1. Half of the players move from the Rush Zone to the next phase.
  2. Shootout Zone comes in a 3-max format, and auto-all-in mode is activated after 5 minutes.
  3. In the Final Round, a 5-max table will be created with prizes for all participants.

Furthermore, GGCare freerolls are now played for $50,000. All of these upcoming events for the future month have set a record-breaking total promotion size of $10,000,000.

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