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Run It Once Poker to launch SnG Select in November 2020

Phil Galfond shared a blog post on the major update in November 2020 in his site — the launch of spins. What unusual features await for players, and how the American pro evaluates this format?

Run It Once Poker to launch SnG Select in November 2020

Galfond on modern SnG's and the liquidity problem

Phil admits that lottery SnG (Spins) is the leading format of these tournaments for several reasons:

  1. Speed, which allows the casual player not to spend a lot of time playing;
  2. The possibility to win a massive prize, which is thousands of times the buy-in;
  3. They have more variance, which is good for amateurs and the overall poker ecology.

But Galfond also says that there are players (regulars and old school) for whom spins remain an unacceptable format and they would prefer playing event faster tournaments but with less rake and without random prizes.

How can you please all the RIO players and not split the already small pool into classic SnG's and spins?

Phil and his team came out with a unique solution.

SnG Select in detail

SnG Select lobby Run It Once Poker

In November 2020, a new "SnG Select" tab will be added to the Run It Once Poker client, in which players can switch between two types of tournaments:

  1. Club3D (Spins) with a random prize for the winner and a maximum multiplier of x1,500. There will be seven stakes available from €1 to €100;
  2. Classic (regular SnG) with a fixed prize for the winner and seven stakes from 90 cents to €85.

Cub3D and Classic will share a pool of players. In other words, the same SnG tournaments will have players who have registered for different formats but similar buy-ins.

Therefore, all new SnG's will feature 3-max tables with a hyper-turbo structure, but with different rake and prize pool.

SnG Classic lobby Run It Once Poker

The rake structure has not yet been announced but judging by the screenshot of the classic lobby, the fee will change depending on the stake, and it will be approximate as follows:

Buy-in Rake
€0,90 7,80%
€1,80 7,80%
€4,50 6,90%
€9 6%
€16,50 5,50%
€45 5%
€85 5%

Also, Galfond proposed two interesting tweaks for spins:

  1. The tournament prize will fall out of a special cube (hence the name of the format), but only after the winner is determined.

    Run It Once Poker Cub3d
  2. To smooth out the variance, randomly in some tournaments, 2nd and 3rd place players will get back the buy-in without rake. This prize will be called "Glitch."

Will Run It Once Poker transform SnG tournaments?

Phil Galfond said that until SnG Select is launched, some of its features may change, but it's already clear that his team has demonstrated a unique approach that may improve the popularity of SnG tournaments.

The main problem for SnG Select is the size of the traffic at Run It Once Poker; after all, the site occupies a shallow place in the world ranking.

On the other hand, likely, the situation with Splash the Pot repeats again: Galfond proposed an innovative approach to rakeback, which was quickly adopted by GGPoker.

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