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RunItOnce at the finish line before opening?

The first time we wrote about the new online poker room, RunItOnce Poker was in May when its founder, the famours American player Phil Galfond released an article called "An Update and a Plan."

RunItOnce at the finish line before opening?

Since that time, Phil wrote three more times to the poker community presenting some features of his room. The last article was posted on August 2. As we remember, Galfond promised that RunItOnce Poker will open its doors this summer, so to keep his promise the poker room has very short time to be launched.

Of the five questions that are fundamental in the development of any poker room (which we listed in our previous article), Phil Galfond has only clearly answered one, and two only with partial information. There is no information about the rake structure and bonus at all.

Trackers and "Dynamic Avatars" in RunItOnce Poker

The use of support software (including HUD) in RunItOnce Poker will be prohibited. This is the only topic about Galfond clearly expressed clearly and unambiguously. According to his opinion, the statistics are more harm than good in the first place:

  • It strengthens the advantage of strong players over amateurs;
  • Datamining can even increase this advantage, as there are no effective means to combat it;
  • It scares recreational players

To somehow improve the mood of the regulars in ROP, the room will have its own particular system of collecting data about the players, a method called "Dynamic Avatars." This system assumes the existence of eight types of players with characteristics of their behavior at the table. Each of these types will be associated with a particular avatar. In that way, you can judge against whom you play. The avatar is determined considering only the opponent's information against you, in other words, the same player for other players at the table may look different.

RunItOnce Poker client

We don't know yet how the lobby will be shown to the players. In his last post, Galfond only posted some pictures of the tables and colored avatars. How this will like in the games is also unknown.

Organization of the games in RunItOnce Poker

Phil didn't mention how players will be attracted to the poker site, but a lot of attention was paid to how the games will be organized in his room and how comfortable conditions for fans will be created.

The prohibition of statistics has become only the first step in that direction. In his opinion, RunItOnce Poker has worked the necessary to deal with:

  • Table selection;
  • Short stacks;
  • Bumhunt;
  • Auto-seating scripts;
  • Bots and multi-accounts.

Table Selection

There will be no waiting lists in the RunItOnce lobby. The player can only choose the limit to join the action. The table and the location will be selected randomly.


The stack size with which you can sit down at the table will always be fixed and will correspond to a 100bb limit.

Table Aliases

When a player sits downs on a table, it will receive a random nickname. If you leave the table and then sit down again, the nickname will not change. Those nicknames will appear in the hand history of the room, and this history will be sent to any player on his request.

Maximum simultaneous tables

This was the last subject Phil decided to discuss. Moreover, his final decision will be put to a vote. There are only two options: four or six tables. The first one, according to Galfond, will have a positive impact on the quality of the games, and the second one, a more profitable room as it will generate more rake.

More tables are not in discussion, as it leads to game automation (bots), more time to think about moves, which in general is bad for the pleasure of amateur poker players.

Limiting the number of tables, according to the American poker player, will make the activity of bots less effective and it will make easier to identify them since they will more often try to use several accounts.


At the end of the day, more likely we will see this month or in autumn RunItOnce Poker as an advanced version of Unibet. Such a format of games in a poker room has a place in the market and judging by Unibet results is quite viable. It turns out that a deep study of the logic of the development of modern online poker, even such a pro as Phil was forced to do the same thing that almost all rooms did in the last few years - create comfortable conditions for recreational players, despite the detriment and at the expense of regs.

However, we will don't know how Galfond will deal with the two pillars of any poker room - rake and rewards system. But if you start from all his previous steps, you should not wait for the classic rakeback systems in RunItOnce Poker. 

The waiting is not too long right now.

Vargoso 04.08.18
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