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RunItOnce Poker — Beta testing with the Worldpokerdeals team

This week was performed the fourth beta testing of RunItOnce Poker, the new poker room to be launched by Phil Galfond. This time it was decided to increase the number of participants and several members of our team received invitations. So now, we have a personal experience to share about the RunItOnce Poker client.

RunItOnce Poker — Beta testing with the Worldpokerdeals team

Main features of the RunItOnce beta client

Although the launch of the room was originally planned for the summer, and in fact, the current version of the client was ready since September, a lot of options are still not available. We could evidence the "turtle" pace of the development comparing the current software version ( with the one shown by Phil in autumn ( it only changes in the last digit by one value.

Almost all settings of the RunItOnce client are not working yet (even the 4-color deck or resizing the tables). Only NL10-NL20 NLH tables were available for the test, and only PLO10 for Omaha players. The previous beta tests revealed several glitches and, in our tests, almost all of them are still alive and well. All the improvements described in the Discord private group are reduced to 6 points, two of being informing us about the correction of many errors and improving the stability of the software.

So now, let's talk about how the RunItOnce Poker client performed during this test:

Impressions from the RunItOnce Poker beta client:

In general, the performance of the software could be characterized by the name of the famous American comedy "Dumb and Dumber", because everything is possible on it. And this is considering that the peak of connections during the beta test was 350-370 connections in the first half hour:

  • Re-login into the client could take several minutes;
  • There was a problem when you sit-out of a table, the button to sit-down again didn't work and you had to either wait a very long time or just close the table;
  • Reload of chips took several minutes;
  • Throughout the test, and regardless of the number of players, the tables lagged for a while;
  • Several graphics glitches appeared: "Abracadabra" in several elements of the tables, fast flickering of unknown origin just in one of two tables;

About the graphics and interface, RunItOnce is investing lots of time and resources in offering a good product, and we got to say that for example, a player uses the time bank, it's beautifully shown with a bright areola or the emotions of the avatars during the game looks very nice. But sadly, this part also has its issues:

  • The attempt to emulate the offline experience when dealing the flop slowdowns the action and less than 100 hands per hour are played;
  • The players had characteristics based on its game, such as "tight", "aggressive", "loose", "passive", and in some cases accompanied by the word "very". This function is not very clear, we recorded a radical change when the player had the bb or call the hand.
  • It's difficult to read the board because of the flat arrangement and the colors. During the beta test, we read the board incorrectly twice and lost two stacks.


In general, our verdict about the RunItOnce Poker client is that the software is no very mature and has a lot of flaws; making a public beta test on this stage doesn't make any good to the room reputation. We consider that it should be tested only in closed groups.

We have a feeling of great respect for Phil Galfond — a player and coach who has done a lot for the development of modern online poker. But the people behind the software development clearly not worth the money or the effort. What we observed yesterday could only be associated with cheap $10,000 software and made in short-time. To be successfully launched, RunItOnce Poker still needs a lot of work, and we insist on the more private beta tests.

But, apparently, the developers seem to be satisfied so far and today there is another public beta test. This time we assume that the servers will be tested for more time than just the three hours of the last lest.

About that, we just want to say:

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Vargoso 12.12.18
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