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Seven reasons to play at Red Dragon Poker, even if you hate Chinese rooms

Author: Vargoso Published: 24.09.20

Despite the Asian poker boom in recent years, Chinese mobile platforms remain exotic for most players, causing mixed feelings. Red Dragon poker, one of the leaders in this industry, has revamped recently and has become more attractive to many players.

Seven reasons to play at Red Dragon Poker, even if you hate Chinese rooms

Reason #1: Red Dragon Poker is PokerStars China

Red Dragon Poker was launched last year, standing out of the crowd by explicit references to PokerStars of the website and the software. Many people thought that this was just another Chinese falsification, but shortly the direct connection between the new room and PokerStars was confirmed.

This year PokerStars stopped accepting Chinese players directly, and the 6UP site is on pause at the moment, so ultimately, the only gateway for Chinese citizens to join Stars is Red Dragon Poker.

Chinese agents have switched to attracting players to Red Dragon Poker, and the site is booming again.

That's why we decided to call this room "PokerStars China."

Reason #2: Official access for everyone

Red Dragon Poker available to overseas players

All the development in China would be only an interesting fact if the poker room did not change its policy regarding overseas players. A few months after its launch, the management asked all non-Chinese players to leave the tables. But now the situation has changed.

Citizens in any country can register an account with their phone number to play at Red Dragon Poker.

The only exceptions are Iran and Iraq. That's only because these countries cannot get SMS messages required to register and log in to the client.

Reason #3: Best app client

Red Dragon Poker best poker app

The partnership with PokerStars has also had a positive impact on the Red Dragon Poker app itself. It has the same structure as all other Chinese rooms, but we have reasons to call it the best client among their kind:

  • All lobbies have a dark interface with large clear fonts;
  • There are good filters available;
  • There are several customization options for tables in addition to bet sizings, like table themes or card decks;
  • The app and the servers are stable;
  • You can use a ratio to adjust the size of stacks similar to USD.

Reason #4: Traffic

Red Dragon Poker traffic up to NL1,4k

Red Dragon Poker has a shared pool of players (it does not use the club/agent system). The game offer includes 8-max Hold'em, Omaha, 6+, and All-in or Fold, but almost all tables belong to the first format. Stakes are from 2/4 to 400/800/1,600 (NL4 — NL1k).

Traffic peaks in the early evening in Europe, although high stakes tables are played throughout the day:

Stakes* Tables
2/4 (NL3,6$) 13
5/10 (NL9$) 8
10/20 (NL18$) 5
10/20/40 (NL36$) 4
20/40/80 (NL72$) 11
40/80/160 (NL144$) 14
100/200/400 (NL356$) 4
400/800/1,6K (NL1,43K$) 2

*The first three stakes have no straddle.

PLO is mainly played at 10/20/40 — 100/200/400, and the total number of tables is about 10-12.

But, now that the room opened its doors to overseas players, you can expect the traffic to grow exponentially in the next months.

Reason #5: Direct deposits and withdrawals in USDT

Another advantage of the poker room was the inclusion of a direct cashier. Non-Chinese players can process transactions by themselves via USDT. We recommended using the Binance exchange for this purpose (instructions).

How to deposit to Red Dragon Poker?

  1. Launch the app and log in.
    Red Dragon Poker deposit
  2. In the bottom menu, select "Wallet" and click on the "Trade" button in the new window.
  3. Enter the secondary password and click on confirm. You will be transferred to the site to make a deposit.Red Dragon Poker deposit password
  4. Select USDT from the dropdown menu and click on buy.
    Red Dragon Poker USDT deposits
  5. Enter the amount of the deposit and click on "Buy Now."
    Red Dragon Poker buy chips
  6. In the new window, copy the address and make a transfer from your wallet. Once done, click on the "I have paid" button. Chips will automatically be credited to your account.

Red Dragon Poker direct cashier deposit

No commission is charged, but you must note that the difference between purchasing and selling RDC chips is about 6,5%.

Transaction limits are set to 5,000 — 1,000,000 RDC.

Reason #6: HUDs are allowed

Red Dragon Poker Statistics

Another crucial factor for regs is the possibility of using third-party software: Poker Tracker, Holdem Manager, etc.

Emulators and poker trackers are not prohibited at Red Dragon Poker.

Alternatively, the client has built-in statistics that can be accessed by clicking on the opponent's avatar:

Reason #7: Safest Chinese option

Last but not least is the level of security that Red Dragon Poker offers. The app's connection with PokerStars gives us reasons to say that it will be unprecedented in comparison with any Chinese mobile site.

Red Dragon Poker is PokerStar's gateway to the Chinese poker market, fundamental for any room. And despite the tons of measures to deprive regs of promotions, Stars remain a highly reliable room.

Therefore, in our opinion, thanks to the partnership with PokerStars, RDP will be able to guarantee the safety of the funds and keep the tables clean from cheaters.

Red Dragon Poker — An app for those who don't play in apps

Since its inception, the Chinese mobile gaming industry has been scaring for many players for well-founded reasons. Those were mainly related to the agent/club system, bans, software bugs, team play, bot farming, and some game hosts' poor performance.

Red Dragon Poker intends to change this, and many people who initially have a negative attitude towards such rooms may want to take a look.

Among the benefits we highlight:

  1. Partnership with PokerStars;
  2. Open to players around the world;
  3. Players create their accounts and process transactions themselves;
  4. Booming traffic
  5. Deposits and withdrawals via USDT (stablecoin);
  6. HUDs allowed;
  7. High level of safety.

Advantages of our affiliate service:

  • Technical support to start playing;
  • Support team available seven days a week;
  • Better chip rates for VIP players.

Reach our team to start playing now:




Email[email protected]

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