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Shared liquidity, Portuguese players, Showtime Hold'em: Latest news from PokerStars

Author: Vargoso Published: 24.05.18

Hello guys! PokerStars can be called the flagship online poker room of the industry. It was the only poker room that managed to get out well of the popular Poker Black Friday. In this article we are going to present the latest news from PokerStars: the addition of Portuguese players to the PokerStars.EU pool and the Showtime Hold'em, a very cool innovation from the room.

Shared liquidity, Portuguese players, Showtime Hold'em: Latest news from PokerStars

Portugal joins to the Shared Liquidity Pool in PokerStars.EU

The numbers never lie. PokerStars occupies the 1 and 3 position of the PokerScout ranking. PokerStars.COM has been the undisputed leader of the market for many years, followed by the shady IDNPlay Network, and surprise surprise! Followed by PokerStars again, this time PokerStars.EU room.

PokerStars.EU is the Europe version of PokerStars, a few months ago it was PokerStars.ES (poker players from Spain), but with the Shared Liquidity Agreement signed by Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal, it converted into PokerStars.EU. Last month, Spain and France joined their player pool, and now is Portugal turn. These 3 markets are positioning right now PokerStars.EU as one of the biggest online poker rooms in the market. The key factor is that you don't need to live in Spain, France or Portugal to play in PokerStars.EU, you can play anywhere in the world in the European pool. Get in touch with us to know about our special deal in PokerStars.EU.

PokerStars reinvents online poker with Showtime Hold'em

Is poker a strategy game? Or is just a luck game? This has been an eternal fight of the poker players, and one of the big basis (which we of course support) is the huge amount of information you need to process quickly in order to be successful playing online poker.

If you want to be a poker pro, you need to learn how to quickly calculate pot odds, handle complex stats, and take always the best decision with the information available. And this is the key of Showtime Hold'em. One of the biggest secrets of a poker table (and of course, one of the most important information that is always missing) is the player hole cards. All the statistics of online poker are based in the criteria that all the cards you need to complete your hand, are available in the deck and eventually could come out; but, what about if that card you need is already in the villain's hand?

Well, Showtime Hold'em fixes that "problem". Every time a poker player folds, their cards become visible to all the players in the table. This means a lot. All the statistics will change. All the assumptions now will change too. And with the HUD ban, we believe that our professional players can win a lot in the long run. The only way for a player not to show his hole cards is to win the hand and muck his cards. All other ways, fold = showing hole cards.

In recent years PokerStars has made any efforts to bring amateur players, and we believe Showtime Hold'em is a right call in this way, and we must say it, it's very fun to play!

Do you want to play in PokerStars? Do you want to take part of the European party in PokerStars.EU?

Contact our manager on Skype to know all the details!

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