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Spartan Poker launches two new loyalty programs

We're thrilled to announce the new Spartan Poker loyalty programs: Royalty Cash and Royalty Treasure, which are enhancing the players experience with massive rakeback and incredible prizes that include luxury vehicles, tournament packages, and up to 15 Lac in cash.

Spartan Poker launches two new loyalty programs

Spartan Poker: top Indian poker room

Spartan Poker is one of the best Indian poker rooms on the market. It has great software available both to Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS users, and our players will receive support to enable HUDs at the tables which will enhance your game and improving the player's EV. And with the announcement of new loyalty programs is giving extra value never seen before in India. The players can switch from Cash to Treasure loyalty program just opting-in in the cashier.

Royalty Cash: up to 60% rakeback at Spartan Poker

High volume players may want to apply for the "Royalty Cash" loyalty program, which gives direct weekly rakeback from 20% up to 60% for true Indian grinders. No hidden conditions, no penalties, no tricks, just play and see how your account is topped up with rakeback every week.

How to apply to the Spartan Poker Royalty Cash loyalty program?

Royalty Cash is an opt-in program, which requires players to enter the code "CASH" using their accounts. For participating in Royalty Cash go to Cashier, click on Promo Code and enter the code.

Every Sunday at 6 AM IST, rakeback will be credited to your Spartan Poker gaming account.

20% 30 120
50 200
100 400
150 600
200 800
25% 250 1,250
300 1,500
400 2,000
500 2,500
600 3,000
750 3,750
1,000 5,000
30% 1,500 9,000
1,800 10,800
2,100 12,600
2,500 15,000
3,000 18,000
3,500 21,000
40% 4,000 24,000
5,000 30,000
6,000 48,000
6,500 52,000
7,500 60,000
9,000 72,000
10,000 80,000
12,500 100,000
15,000 120,000
20,000 160,000
30,000 240,000
40,000 320,000
50% 50,000 500,000
60% 70,000 840,000

Terms and conditions Royalty Cash promotion:

  • 30% TDS will apply to all withdrawals including rakeback;
  • Only cash games (NLH, PLO, and OFC) counts towards the promotion;
  • Players can only opt-in till June 30th, 2019;
  • Rakeback is paid weekly and the points will count only for the current week.

Royalty Treasure: Get a Jaguar F Pace playing at Spartan Poker

Royalty Treasure is a loyalty program designed for high volume players wanting to get experiences and luxury articles from the poker rooms. With 40 levels, being the top-prizes high-end vehicles like Jaguar F Pace, Audi A4, and Mercedes-Benz CLA. Players can also win poker trips to major poker series like the WSOP Main Event, Barcelona, or Prague. Players also get from ₹250 up to ₹15L in real cash.

How to apply to the Spartan Poker Royalty Treasure loyalty program:

Players must opt-in to the Royalty Treasure promotion using the code "TREASURE" in the cashier.

Terms and conditions Royalty Treasure promotion:

  • Your treasure points never expire;
  • Prizes like cars, mobile, TV, etc. won't be subject to TDS (Spartan Poker will assume it);
  • Players can only opt-in till June 30th, 2019;

What are you waiting to choose your new VIP program at Spartan Poker? If you are not still playing, open an account right now and start enjoying the benefits of being a Worldpokerdeals player.

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