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Spartan Poker: top Indian poker room review

India is showing all the signs to become the next booming poker market. With a population of over 1,300 million people, it's the second most populated country in the world behind China, but unlike this one, India has several advantages regarding gambling: In many states is regulated, and there are legal online poker sites. Next, we introduce one of the market leaders: Spartan Poker.

Spartan Poker: top Indian poker room review

A short introduction to Indian online poker

In general, the online poker industry in India is still at the very beginning of its development. One of the main obstacles and the reason why many Indian poker players prefer to play at offshore rooms is the high tax rate on profits, which is 30% and is deducted at the source (the poker room). Although the Indian field is extremely soft, this is a major minus for the overall profitability of the game.

Spartan Poker is not the exception to this rule, but our players will receive a special deal when signing up with us.

Spartan Poker traffic overview


The peak of traffic at Spartan Poker corresponds to the nights in India, which matches to the nights in Europe and the evening in America; during that time, over 500 connections can be spotted in the client. During the weekend the traffic increases much more.

The tables at Spartan Poker are played in CHP, which equals Indian Rupees ($1USD = ₹75INR approx), and the minimum buy-in is 20bb.


The Spartan Poker traffic can be resumed like this:

  • 6-max and 9-max tables are available, both in Hold'em and Omaha, but the preferred format is 6-max;
  • There is OFC action;
  • HU tables are played both in NLHE and PLO;
  • The highest stakes are played in PLO;


200/400 = 2 tables
100/200 = 1 table
25/50 = 2 tables
10/20 = 2 tables
1/2-5/10 = 5 tables


50/100 = 1 table
25/50 = 1 table
10/20 = 4 tables
1/2-5/10 = 4 tables

HU tables are played at the highest stakes (200/400 and 500/1000) during the peak time, 2-3 tables per stake.

Spartan Poker software


Spartan Poker uses a modified version of the Connective Games client, which has all the necessary options to play at multiple tables at once (table sizing, auto-rebuy, timebank, 4-color deck, etc.). The only feature missing in the client is the possibility to modify the bet sizing.

Grinders can use HUD in Spartan Poker via hand converters, get it with a special Worldpokerdeals discount:

Contact us to sign up and start playing at Spartan Poker.

Spartan Poker rake structure

Spartan Poker charges a standard rake of 5% although the percentage and the CAPs change with the stakes:

Stake HU 3+ players 7+ players
1/2 5% (100) 5% (150) 5% (150)
2/4 5% (100) 5% (150) 5% (150)
5/10 4,5% (100) 5% (200) 5% (200)
10/20 5% (200) 5% (250) 5% (250)
25/50 4,5% (400) 5% (500) 5% (500)
50/100 4,5% (450) 5% (600) 5% (600)
100/200 3,5% (600) 4,5% (850) 5% (1,000)
200/400 3% (1,000) 4% (1,200) 4% (1,200)
500/1,000 3% (1,400) 4% (1,850) 4% (2,000)
1,000/2,000 3% (1,700) 4% (2,200) 4% (2,500)
2,000/4,000 3% (2,200) 4% 4% (3,000)


Spartan Poker is one of the weakest poker reservations in online poker; the room suits perfectly to medium and high-stakes bumhunters both for NLH and PLO, and we remark the HU tables which are always available during the peak time and are extremely soft.

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Spartan Poker
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