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Sunday Majors: over $3M awarded in MTT prizes

In this article, we share the results of the most significant MTT events that were played on November 3, 2019, including the details of the cancellation of partypoker MILLION due to technical problems.

Sunday Majors: over $3M awarded in MTT prizes

Partypoker MILLION $1,000,000 GTD got cancelled

partypoker announced the return of the traditional Sunday Million event, rebranded as the partypoker MILLION festival with $1,220,000 GTD and three tournaments. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, almost half (443) of the 809 players did not register on the final day.

Rob Yong himself addressed the situation and announced compensations to the affected players:

  • The players that played in the first Day 2 and busted will keep the cash they have received for ranking in the tournament. All players that were still in at the time the tournament was paused will be paid the next prize rank. This will be paid out on top of the $1M GTE.
  • All players that made it through Day 1 will receive a share of the $1M prize pool - 50% of the $1M will be split equally among the players and 50% split based on chip equity at the end of Day 1. All Day 2 players will also be given a $215 partypoker MILLION ticket.

As a result, only the mini events were played with the following results:

Number of players: 1,668;

Game time: 8 hours 25 minutes (only the final day);

Prize pool: $203,820;

Winner: "Maxi2311", $23,433.

A deal was made at the final table, and interestingly, the two best players were playing their first tournament at partypoker. Beginner's luck?

Considering the problems with the partypoker MILLION, the biggest tournament played at the poker room was the High Roller Sunday Big Game $500k GTD for $5,200.

Number of players: 101;

Game time: 9 hours 23 minutes;

Prize pool: $505,000;

Winner: "patrick", $123,825.

"Forrest_guuump," the player who lost the heads-up against "patrick" is a lover of high-roller events, although, until yesterday, he never had good results at the tables.

The $200,000 Dragon at 888 Poker

888 Poker held the first edition of The $200,000 Dragon, its new high roller event with a $1,050 buy-in.

Number of players: 154;

Game time: 8 hours 9 minutes;

Prize pool: $206,000;

Winner: "WalmartCNXN", $44,290.

The winner of the tournament was also unknown until this event: the Canadian have played for seven years at 888 Poker with an average income of $64 in over 382 tournaments.

Another big event at 888 Poker was the traditional $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep with a $215 buy-in:

Number of players: 354;

Game time: 9 hours 2 minutes;

Prize pool: $102,600;

Winner: "VnilaVader", $19,853.

Anton "VnilaVader" Herrmann is one of the best Swedish poker players of the moment, with over $4M in profits in his career.

Sunday Main Events on GG Poker Network

Good Game Poker Network held five Sunday Main Events awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, but we will share the results of the biggest two ones:

Sunday Main Event $40K GTD, $ 125 buy-in:

Number of players: 443;

Game time: 8 hours 14 minutes;

Prize pool: $50,945;

Winner: "IKnowNothing", $9,139.

The Israeli player "IKnowNothing" has played 41 events with an average buy-in of $181. He also had a great result in summer in Sunday Blade for $13,217.

Sunday Main Event $30K GTD, $ 88 buy-in:

Number of players: 536;

Game time: 8 hours 33 minutes;

Prize pool: $42,880;

Winner: "chogaaa", $7,571.

The Croatian player "chogaaa" is a devoted reg with more than half a million dollars in profits, although he is almost a new player on GG Poker Network.

Winning Poker Network Sunday events

Winning Poker Network holds a weekly tournament with $200,000 GTD and $1,050 buy-in:

Number of players: 225;

Game time: 12 hours 32 minutes;

Prize pool: $225,000;

Winner: "SmashDonks888!", $48,375.

Michael "SmashDonks888!" Lopez is a Portuguese reg. For over a year, he played high roller MTTs at PokerKing with negative results, but the situation changed in May 2019 when he took down several events. 

The second big tournament: $150,000 GTD Warm-Up for $109 attracted more players:

Number of players: 1,777;

Game time: 10 hours 41 minutes;

Prize pool: $177,700;

Winner: "FishingCris", $29,765.

Also, in this event, the victory was for a skilled player. "FishingCris" accounts more than $100k in profits in the Winning Poker Network.

PokerStars Sunday Million

Due to the cancellation of the partypoker MILLION Main Event, the largest tournament played on Sunday, November 3 was the PokerStars Sunday Million, with a $109 buy-in:

Number of players: 11,878;

Game time: 14 hours 38 minutes;

Prize pool: $1,187,800;

Winner: "Ben_Apart", $119,638.

Two regs reach the heads-up: the Norwegian player "Ben_Apart" defeated the Russian "yodashutka" to cash over $100k (1000+ ROI).

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