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The Chico Network launched 6+ Hold'em

This week the US-facing network Chico rolled-out a small software update with a great surprise: the cash games lobby now have 6+ Hold'em tables. With Chico, almost all poker networks (partypoker, iPoker, WPN, J88, PokerStars) with the exception of GG have added Short Deck Hold'em to their offer.

The Chico Network launched 6+ Hold'em

Short Deck Hold'em in 2019

6+ Hold'em is living its second boom in 2019, all driven by mega high-stakes tournaments and televised cash games coming from Asia and the Triton Poker Series, where players like Jason Koon have won millions of dollars at the Short Deck Hold'em tables. After the PokerKing Asia crash, the 6+ Hold'em offer for American and European players is wide but low in traffic.

In theory, this format can be found on nine poker networks and rooms: iPoker, Winning, Chico, partypoker, PokerStars, J88 Poker, Coin Poker, Pokerdom, and Vbet. In the last two, we confirm that the lobby is almost empty, and Coin Poker is no far from them because the total number of connections rarely exceeds 100. We constructed this table with a traffic overview of 6+ Hold'em in 2019 in all the networks where is offered:

Site/Stake NL4-5 NL10 NL20-25 NL50 NL100
iPoker 10 2 3 3 1
J88 Poker 3 3 4 1  
partypoker 5   4   1
Winning 1 1 1   1
Chico   1 1    

6+ Hold'em is now offered on the Chico Network


In 2019, the Chico Network (TigerGaming, BetOnline, SportsBetting) has added new formats, mostly focusing on SnG players: Madness (temporary promotion), Jackpot and Flip SnG. Last year Boost Poker was added to the cash games lobby, but the variant never became popular and today only 50 players can be spotted during the peak time.

Eight stakes are offered, from NL10 to NL2k, three of a kind beats a straight, and the rake structure is the same that regular NLH tables. As for today, only a couple of tables up to NL100 are played.

Why is 6+ Hold'em not boosting the traffic of online poker rooms?

If 6+ Hold'em is booming on the Asian market, why isn't becoming massively popular on all the networks that decided to launch it? There some reasons:

  • There is no specific 6+ Hold'em strategy developed, and no tracking software at the moment;
  • Several rooms have different game rules, for example in Chico trips beats straight, on other networks straight beats three of a kind, sometimes A6789 counts as a straight, which of course makes impossible to multi-lobby without making significant mistakes;
  • Because of low traffic, not playing at different rooms gives not enough action, but considering the last point, it's very complicated to play the same format with different rules at the same time.


Playing 6+ Hold'em online is now possible on many poker networks, including Chico (since this week), but the action is far from the nosebleed games that draw everyone's attention. With the pass of time, more players will join the tables, and the future may be bright for this format. Worldpokerdeals offers exclusive rakeback deals for 6+ Hold'em players, contact our team in order to get more information.

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Vargoso 30.04.19
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