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The Chico Poker Network launched new Jackpot Sit 'n Go's

Author: Vargoso Published: 13.03.19

Judging by the last innovations presented by the Chico Poker Network this year, we can conclude that SnG traffic is one of the main priorities of the network (Tigergaming, BetOnline, SportsBetting). At the end of January, Triple UP tournaments with buy-ins from $1,5 to $30 were announced. Today we talk about the last novelty: Jackpot and Flip SnGs.

The Chico Poker Network launched new Jackpot Sit 'n Go's

Jackpot and Flip SnGs added to the Chico network rooms

Spins are now a three-way choice on the Chico network. The classic spins — Windfall — have been available over 1 year now and two new formats were added recently.

Flip Sit 'n Go's is a 100% lottery spin, were not only the prize is random, but also all players go all-in every single hand until one of them has all the chips. Initially, three stakes of Flip SnG are available: $3, $5, and $10, and the multipliers go from 1,5x to 1,000x, the last one with a probability of 1 in 10,000.

The second one, Jackpot SnG, is a very interesting format, especially when it's compared to the classic Windfall.

Jackpot vs. Windfall tournaments


Both tournaments keep the traditional spin format: 3-max hyper turbo (3-min blinds) tournaments with 500 chips as the initial stack and the prize pool is determined randomly, known as the "multiplier".

Jackpot SnG in detail

The main difference with the Windfall tournaments is that in addition to the standard prizes, a jackpot is also played, which is also randomly determined. If the jackpot is played, 85% of the accumulated amount is received by the participants, and the remaining 15% goes to the next jackpot.

  $3 $6 $15 $30
MAX PRIZE $15,000 $30,000 $75,000 $150,000
JACKPOT PRIZE 85% of Jackpot 85% of Jackpot 85% of Jackpot 85% of Jackpot

2% of the total 7,7% rake goes to the jackpot, and right now the prizes range from $8kUSD up to $18,000kUSD.


In the Jackpot SnG, the total number of multipliers was reduced from 7 to 6, and the maximum prize was increased from 2,000x to 5,000x. 

Multipliers   Probability  
WindFall Jackpot WindFall Jackpot
2,000x 5,000x 1 of 100,000 1 of 100,000
100x   5 of 100,000  
50x   10 of 100,000  
20x 20x 50 of 100,000 100 of 100,000
10x 10x 102 of 100,000 400 of 100,000
5x 5x 24,772 of 100,000 13,900 of 100,000
2x 3x 75,060 of 100,000 24,770 of 100,000
  1.5x   57,130 of 100,000

Almost 60% of the Jackpot tournaments will be played with a 1,5x multiplier.


Chico is trying to reach two goals with the latest announcement: increase the SnG offer, and attract more recreational players; the Flips SnG's are 100% random and it will only be played by amateur players looking for "casino poker" games, while the Jackpot ones although having fewer multipliers (most of the times players will fight for half of the buy-in with a rake of 7.7%), more tournaments will be played with a lower multiplier.

Those new formats will increase the amateur traffic on the Chico network, and the regular players can take advantage of it, especially during the first months. 

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