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The Galfond Challenge is back online

Author: Vargoso Published: 02.08.21

The first live Galfond Challenge match resulted in a stalemate, and the competition has returned back to the Internet. Galfond has a profit of $145,000 after three sessions on the wsop.com site. In this article, we will go into further detail about what has happened.

The Galfond Challenge is back online

Time wasting and the end of live sessions

The Galfond Challenge between Phil Galfond and Brandon Adams was not able to become the series' first full-fledged match to be played in a live casino. Following the first session, the players met three more times at Resorts World Las Vegas.

When more than half of the duel's 40-hour time limit had passed, a conflict arose between the players. Adams explained the essence of his claims as follows:

Brandon Adams on the Galfond Challenge

“I am down 48k with 15.5 hrs remaining. Phil Galfond is changing strategy, as expected, but he is also using the clock to maximum advantage, taking full time for every decision on every street.”

Galfond responded in a defensive manner. It turns out that over the previous two days, his opponent stood up from the table and warmed up for 30 seconds before each fold on the river. To settle the problem, Isaac Haxton and Max Silver were selected as referees, and the rest of the match was recounted according to the number of hands played at their recommendation. 

However, only 102 out of the 338 hands were played, and the live session was ended by mutual consent. This format was quite dull for the players. Phil accepted the $16.5K he had won, and the match was relaunched. 

New match, new side bets

The Galfond Challenge was restarted on July 31, on the American room wsop.com, which allows players in Vegas to play legally. The stakes remained the same ($100/$200 PLO), however, all other rules were altered:

  • Duration - 10,000 hands (the shortest in the match)
  • Side bets - $400,000 vs. $100,000
  • The game is played at two tables.

Unfortunately, no one has decided to stream the game, so Twitter is the only way to keep up with the progress. Interestingly, Adams is now concerned about the quick pace of the sessions, which he describes as "lightning fast."

Over 2,000 hands were played by the poker players in three evenings. Brandon has managed to win only one session with a profit of $40K, but after 20% of the hands, the overall victory is for Galfond. His total winnings to date exceed $145,000.

The participants have decided to take a break until August 22 after such a marathon (7 game days in 8 days). Adams probably needs this break more, since he has already lost 7.5 buy-ins and is visibly uncomfortable playing on the Internet. Will he start a new dispute now because the time bank is too small?

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