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Tips for playing massive tournament series

Although all financial and traffic indicators show an unhealthy status of the online poker industry, each month, the largest poker networks announce more and bigger tournament series. Just in September 2019, all combined, poker rooms paid almost $300M in MTTs. What is the best strategy to face massive and simultaneous poker tournaments?

Tips for playing massive tournament series

MTT offer in 2019

We have covered the development of the MTT offer in 2019. Not only the traditional poker rooms (partypoker, PokerStars, 888) held millionaire tournament series, but also new players like GG Poker Network shocked the market with massive events:

Sometimes several MTT series are held at the same time, putting the players in a difficult situation: which tournament should I play?

Choose the tournaments wisely

Let's face it: you cannot play all tournaments unless you have an infinite bankroll and a non-sleep strategy, which in the end won't end well. Usually, MTTs offer different formats (NLH, PLO, PKO, rebuys, freezeout, etc.), the rake structure and rakeback deals change.

You must study the complete schedules, choose the best tournaments according to your needs, time (this is crucial because if you register at a three-day event you need to have all the time available to play), and bankroll; you can even try to make a checklist including which tournaments you'd like to play.

Adapt your strategy

It's not the same to play a $10 tournament than a $5,000 one. Also, the fields are very different. On GG Poker, the lineups can be weaker compared to Winning, for example. At some events using support tools like a push fold chart is an EV+ decision; at some others, it's better to trust your gut against a particular player.

You cannot play every tournament in the same way; if the field is strong, you need to be more cautious, if HUDs and tracking software is allowed, you need to be aware that other players are checking your stats too.

Get a good setup

Serious grinding in an MTT series require to devote many hours seated in front of a screen; this is why you need a comfortable chair, a monitor with an excellent resolution (or even two or more monitors if you play several tournaments at the same time) and have a workplace with all ergonomics requirements fulfilled.

Also, when you schedule your game, consider leaving enough time rest, poker could be stressful, and having a clear mind is needed to make the right calls.

Look beyond GTD prize pool

Although the GTD prize pool seems to be the most crucial factor to decide which event play, several factors must be considered when playing a tournament:

  • What are the possibilities of playing a tournament with overlays? A tournament with 10% overlay is much better than a tournament with 10% more GTD prize pool;
  • Is the field soft or strength? Playing against amateurs is always a good decision when grinding;
  • Does the tournament fit my timezone? In a globalized world, you can find tournaments virtually starting 24/7. You need to choose those that begin in your playing time
  • What is the rakeback deal? Although playing MTT is not very profitable in terms of rakeback, it's crucial to have a decent rakeback deal to minimize the impact of a bad run.


Playing an MTT series without a strategy is like your blind into the dark. If the tendency keeps growing, undoubtedly, in 2020, we will see hundreds of millions of dollars in GTD prize pools announced every month. By following these short tips, players can get better results and take advantage of the MTT series boom.

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Vargoso 05.10.19
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