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TOP-3 online poker rooms to play PLO in 2018

Not everything is about No Limit Texas Hold'em in the online poker world. Some of the craziest action in poker corresponds to Pot Limit Omaha games. The games complexity and the betting structure bring more fun and therefore more action to the tables.

TOP-3 online poker rooms to play PLO in 2018

The main differences between No Limit Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha are:

Pot Limit Omaha No Limit Hold'em

Players receive 4 hole cards

Players receive 2 hole cards

Players must use exactly 2 hole cards and 3 community cards to make the best 5 card hand

Players can use any 5 cards to make the best hand (including the 5 community cards)

The maximum possible bet amount is limited by the pot

There is no limit to the maximum bet amount

If you are looking for new and exciting poker rooms for playing Pot Limit Omaha, check out our TOP-3:

1. PokerMaster and Asian poker apps

Pot Limit Omaha is very popular among the Asian poker players. As we said, is an enjoyable game so recreational players, which are the Asian vast majority, are actively looking for PLO tables. The action in PLO at Asian apps starts at PLO100 (in PPPoker) up to PLO6000 (at PokerMaster) and at each stake several tables can be found around the clock. Worldpokerdeals players can play using our exclusive HUD, designed for PokerMaster and PPPoker plus our unique bankroll guarantee.

2. Winning Poker Network (PokerKing, BlackChipPoker)

Despite the Asian poker boom, we must say that our players are making more money at the Winning Poker Network than any other room. The action at PLO is available 24/7 at all stakes from PLO25 up to PLO5000. Our VIP program in PokerKing is very appreciated by regular players and includes rakeback, free layout and hand histories.

3. BetKings (GG Network)

The GG Network has become very popular during this year: the network launched a new VIP program, shocking news about banned players and new rake races promotions are the top-news for this network. The PLO action on the GG Network has always been crazy, and BetKings is our best deal there (insane rakeback is being offered right now). Almost any time, tables from PLO100 to PLO1k can be found. Support software is not allowed in BetKings, but we think it makes the games even more profitable.

Already playing in the top-3 rooms? Contact our team to get more great deals in PLO.

Winning Poker Network
50%+ rakeback Network's best skin
Deposit bonus $777
Rakeback up to 90%
GG Network
High stakes action Network's best skin 50%+ rakeback
Deposit bonus 2000$
Rakeback up to 100%
High stakes action Asian mobile platform WPD funds guarantee!
Deposit bonus n/a

Best regards,

Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

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