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TOP-5 ways to buy Bitcoin using Skrill, Neteller, Visa and Mastercard

Author: Vargoso Published: 17.01.18

TOP-5 ways to buy Bitcoin using Skrill, Neteller, Visa and Mastercard

The current cryptocurrency boom is making everyone paying attention to everything related to the blockchain and more, every day more and more people. The poker players were among the first who began to use Bitcoin as an investment asset (for example, among American professional poker players it is now difficult to find those who did not already invested on it).

As a result, the online poker rooms, especially those targeting US poker players, quickly saw the benefits of cryptocurrencies and allowed their customers to use them for transactions, being those completely anonymous. For example, at the Chico and Winning Poker Network, several types of cryptocurrency are currently accepted.

For those poker players who also want to start using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, one of the first questions is how and where can you buy them using traditional payment systems and even plastic (credit) cards. And, those players who want to involve even more with this market and actively participate on it, here you can start dealing with the cryptocurrency trading on a stock exchange and decide the best way to start doing it. We have prepared the necessary reviews for them.

Exchanges selling Bitcoin with Skrill and Neteller

LocalBitcoins is something like an eBay in the field of cryptocurrency.  It is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies using different payment systems, trading with other people and organizations. As with the use of other similar services, the most important thing is to pay attention to the following indicators of the seller:

  • Sold at least 100BTC for at least 100 transactions;
  • Feedback score no less than 98%;
  • The account is at least one year older;
  • The account is verified - there is a phone number - company data and trusted for at least 10 people.

Besides that, LocalBitcoins has an escrow service. Your money first goes to a special account and only after confirmation of payment by the customer it goes to the seller.

The website takes a commission of 1% for any transaction.

Register on LocalBitcoins

BitPanda - is an Austrian company established in 2014 and previously known under the Coinimal brand. It specializes in servicing customers from Europe.

Before you can buy Bitcoins on this exchange, you need to undergo verification. A phone number confirmation allows you to buy Bitcoins up to €50 per day and up to €600 per month. A passport verification will allow you to increase the limits to €10,000 and €300,000.

The commission for buying Bitcoins using Skrill on BitPanda is one of the lowest: 4%. The only drawback is that during the purchasing process this amount is already included in the total cost and is not show separately.

Purchasing on BitPanda is simple:

Register on BitPanda

VirWoX - is a virtual exchange currency created in 2017 for the sale and purchase of Second Life Lindens (SLL) and other currencies used in online games. It is through SLL here and you can buy Bitcoins for Skrill.

To do this, after registering on the site, you need credit your account on it. You do this by clicking on the Deposit button and then you will be taken to the list of payment methods. After choosing Skrill, you will see a window with the data to create an account in this payment system, so to continue just tap the bar at the bottom of the window - I already have a Skrill account. After that, you will automatically be transferred to the payment site for making a deposit.

After doing that, you can exchange dollars or euros for SLL by selecting the appropriate option under the Exchange tab in your account information on the VirWoX page.

Then on the same section, the SLL can be exchanged for Bitcoins and can be withdrawn to your wallet.

Please note that for new accounts, the transactions can be delayed for up to 48 hours.

Register on VirWox

Paxful - is a website similar to LocalBitcoins, but only private individuals work on it. For safety purchases, it is also necessary to observe the same requirements as on LocalBitcoins.

For those who want to use plastic (credit) cards for buying Bitcoin, this is a proven method.

Register on Paxful

Changelly - is a very simple and automatic exchange service. It was first announced in April 2016 on the Bitcointalk forum by the MinerGate team. Now is one of the most popular services.

It allows without the registration of an account or any other complex procedures to buy Bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies using payments with cards with a commission of 0.5% of the transaction amount.

And for those who have decided to seriously engage in trading of cryptocurrencies, we offer the best for this exchange.

Register on Changelly

BINANCE - is one of the most important and most secure crypto-exchanges with a huge number of coins and the most convenient and user-friendly interface among others; currently, this exchange is being used by most of our traders.

Register on Binance

In February we will host a freeroll in a closed club for those who registered under us and make at least one transaction. For newcomers to the crypto world, we invite you to our private channel with poker players who study the blockchain.

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