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TOP-6 poker rooms for micro stakes in 2019-2020 from Worldpokerdeals

Avoiding regs in online poker rooms is not an exclusive task for high stakes players. In this article, we share a traffic review for micro stakes players (NL10–NL30) who are looking for soft fields; our TOP-6 includes sites than can be called "exotic", as they are unknown to many players and amateurs can still be found at the tables.

TOP-6 poker rooms for micro stakes in 2019-2020 from Worldpokerdeals

Traffic review in poker rooms with soft fields at NL10–NL30

Our selection for micro-stakes players includes six poker rooms:

  • ShenPoker (IDN Poker network);
  • PokerMatch;
  • Pokerdom;
  • Vbet (BetConstruct Poker network);
  • Intertops (Horizon Poker network);
  • Wwin.

We take into consideration the following parameters to include these poker rooms in our TOP-6:

  • Rooms not popular among regs (soft field);
  • Mainly sites without HUD support;
  • High rakeback;
  • Decent traffic at micro stakes.

Of course, there are strong reasons why these poker rooms are not popular among regs, for example, technical issues associated with underdeveloped software, but considering the latest developments in the online poker industry (restrictions on support software, anti-reg measures, etc.), in our opinion, it's necessary to make some sacrifices to keep the games profitable, which includes joining alternative poker rooms and mixing them to get enough action.



  • Rake: 3% without a cap;
  • Rakeback: 30% weekly fixed + first deposit bonus (50%, 100%, or 200% with different wagering requirements);
  • HUD support: No;
  • Tables on NL10–NL30: up to 70.

IDNPoker is currently the online poker leader in terms of traffic, according to PokerScout, and now, we grant access to the skin ShenPoker. Its ambiguous past, offering only a web-browser client, and the restriction of playing at only one table per account has worked to maintain a sustainable poker ecosystem, with a very low density of regs at the tables.

Shenpoker logo
IDNPoker Network
High stakes action Network's best skin
Deposit bonus 200%
Rakeback VIP



  • Rake: 5% with caps up to 125 hryvnias;
  • Rakeback: up to 50%;
  • HUD support: No;
  • Tables on NL10–NL30: up to 10

PokerMatch is a Ukrainian poker room that belongs to a large local bookmaker; the site is firmly focused on attracting gamblers to the poker tables. The games are played in Ukrainian hryvnias (1USD ≈ 24 UAH).

Besides regular cash games tables, players can join the fast poker tables at NL8 and NL21.

PokerMatch logo
Good for beginners
Deposit bonus до 25.000 UAH
Rakeback up to 40%



  • Rake: 5% with caps up to 125 rubles;
  • Rakeback: up to 30% (plus regular bonuses);
  • HUD support: No;
  • Tables on NL10–NL30: up to 20.

Pokerdom focuses on the Russian market, offering games in rubles, but is open to several countries. It has an aggressive marketing policy and also has a bookmaker and a casino under the same brand. Usually, Pokerdom has monthly promotions that improve the players' rakeback.

There is action at these three stakes: NL8, NL16, and NL31, both in regular and fast poker tables.

Pokerdom logo
Good for beginners Fast cashouts
Deposit bonus -
Rakeback up to 50%

Vbet Poker


  • Rake: 5% with caps up to 3€;
  • Rakeback: up to 50%;
  • HUD support: No;
  • Tables on NL10–NL30: up to 20.

Vbet is the flagship poker room of the BetConstruct network, that mainly aimed to attract players from small countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. BetConstruct offers online poker as a comprehensive gaming solution for small companies.

Over half of the traffic at cash games gables in Vbet corresponds to NL10 and NL25 tables; therefore, the action is excellent for low stakes grinders.

VBet Poker logo
VBet Poker
BetConstruct Network
Good for beginners Network's best skin
Deposit bonus $600
Rakeback up to 50%



  • Rake: 6.67% with caps up to $2;
  • Rakeback: 36% fixed;
  • HUD support: Yes;
  • Tables on NL10–NL30: up to 6.

Intertops is the poker room of a homonymous German bookmaker and belongs to the Horizon Poker network, the successor to Cake.

Up to 6 tables can be spotted during American peak time on NL10–NL25.

Intertops logo
Horizon Poker Network
Network's best skin
Deposit bonus $1000
Rakeback 36%

Wwin Poker


  • Rake: 5% with caps up to 3€;
  • Rakeback: up to 50%;
  • HUD support: Yes, via hand converter;
  • Tables on NL10–NL30: up to 5.

Wwin Poker is a small Serbian poker room and belongs to the gaming company Williams International that also offers casino and sports betting.

All the action in the room is focused on 6-max tables, and the highest stakes are NL40–NL50. At NL10–NL20 up to 5 tables can be spotted during peak time.

Wwin Poker logo
Wwin Poker
Good for beginners
Deposit bonus -
Rakeback 30+%

Total traffic at NL10–NL30 stakes

We have gathered data for all TOP-6 poker rooms at different times:

Poker room/Stake NL8$-NL10$ NL16$-NL21$ NL25$-NL31$
ShenPoker 24   38
PokerMatch 7* 3*  
Pokerdom 6 9* 5
Vbet 6   3
Intertops 2 3  
Wwin 3   2

*At these stakes, there is also fast poker action:

  • Pokerdom up to 5/10 rubles, up to 80 connections;
  • PokerMatch up to 1.2/2.5 hryvnias, up to 150 connections.

Total traffic at PLO10–PLO30 stakes

Poker room*/Stake PLO8$-PLO10$ PLO16$-PLO21$ PLO25$-PLO31$
ShenPoker 13   8
PokerMatch 3 2  
Pokerdom 5 3 2

* As usual, the action in Omaha is smaller compared to Hold'em; therefore, only three poker rooms have tables available at PLO10–PLO30.

Since in half of the poker rooms the games are played in local currencies (other than Euro or USD), we share a conversion to help our players find the right games:

  • ShenPoker – 1K/2K and 2.5K/5K approx — about NL10$ and NL25$;
  • PokerMatch – 1/2, 2,5/5 approx — about NL8$, NL21$;
  • Pokerdom – 2,5/5, 5/10, 10/20 approx — about NL8$, NL16$ и NL31$.


If you are looking for opportunities to play against soft opponents at NL10–NL30 stakes in 2019, it's crucial to turn your attention to the little-known poker rooms and join several at once.

From the rooms described in the article:

  • The three largest ones — ShenPoker, PokerMatch, Pokerdom — can be chosen as the main poker room, even for fast poker players;
  • Intertops and Wwin are suitable for those players that cannot play without a HUD;
  • Vbet could fit as a side poker room without trackers, to complement, for example, the GG Poker network.

To get a private rakeback deal in any of the poker rooms described in this article, please contact our managers via live chat or any messenger:

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

Vargoso 28.09.19
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