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Traffic review: The best PPPoker clubs to play in 2019

PPPoker is standing out of the crowd as the best mobile poker application for players around the globe. This success is basically because to the active support by the app developers (for example, the anti-collusion team), the massive development of clubs around the world, and of course the fact that many Chinese poker rooms kicked out overseas players. In this article, we study all the benefits of the PPPoker clubs that Worldpokerdeals offers to its players.

Traffic review: The best PPPoker clubs to play in 2019

Benefits of playing at PPPoker with Worldpokerdeals

The PPPoker software development team has made a terrific job adding features to the application which are uncommon in other similar apps like PokerMaster:

  • There is a native client for Windows;
  • The players create gaming accounts by themselves;
  • All clubs are actively struggling against collusion and bots;
  • Classic rake structure of 5%;
  • HUD support.

Also, Worldpokerdeals offers a unique deal to its players:

  • Full bankroll guarantee: in case of any significant problem with the clubs, Worldpokerdeals will pay to the players. Last year we refunded about $100kUSD to from our own pocket.
  • Fixed high rakeback up to 40% (each club has its own deal);
  • Free chips transfer among clubs;
  • Software discount, including unique add-ons to play more than three tables;
  • Assistance in picking up the club according to the stake, time zone, and format;
  • Access to private VIP clubs;
  • VIP status on Worldpokerdeals which enable you to get access to secret underground poker clubs and rooms.

In April 2019, our PPPoker deal gives is giving access to over 20 clubs from all over the world: Asia (India, Thailand, Philippines), USA, Latin-America, Russia, Europe, etc. We also are continually adding new clubs that always have a limited number of regulars, fair play and great action at high-stakes. Soon, it will be added to our list some Australian clubs, which can be considered as the new USA due to gambling regulations.

Detailed traffic review of PPPoker clubs under the Worldpokerdeals setup

More than 20 clubs and unions sum thousands of players around the world and hundreds of tables played. All the clubs that we grant access have the same set of games: NLH, PLO, and OFC, and each format is played at HU, 6-max, and 9-max tables. Also, a large number of clubs guarantee action around the clock because when Asians players are playing, the Europeans players are just starting the day, and the same thing happens to the American players. 

Traffic NLH 6-9-max

Time/Stake NL10-20$ NL21-50$ NL51-100$ NL101-200$ NL201-400$ NL401-600$ NL601-1,000$
16:00 38 12 21 11 3 1  
18:00 43 16 25 12 4 2 1
20:00 36 15 21 8 2 2  
22:00 27 11 16 5 2   1

Traffic PLO 6-9-max

Time/Stake PLO10-20$ PLO21-50$ PLO51-100$ PLO101-200$ PLO201-400$ PLO401-600$ PLO601-1,000$ PLO 1,001-1,800$
16:00 19 14 23 11 7 3 2  
18:00 17 12 27 12 10 5 4 2
20:00 19 8 25 16 13 6 4 2
22:00 13 8 17 12 14 3 3 1

Traffic OFC 2-3-max

Time/Stake 0,02$-0,10$ 0,11$-0,25$ 0,26$-$0,50 0,51$-$1 1,1$-2$ 2,1$-5$ 5,1$-10$ 10,1$-20$
16:00 4 4 4 5 2 3 5 1
18:00 4 6 5 11 4 5 6 1
20:00 7 8 7 7 6 6 6 1
22:00 6 3 4 4 1 5 3 2


With the fall of PokerMaster, PPPoker is rising as the best poker application to play in 2019. Our players can find the perfect combination between weak lineups and good traffic, and on top of that, our rakeback deal and bankroll guarantee make the deal not only profitable but also safe. Contact our manager David to get more information about our PPPoker offer:

Telegram: @David_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: Contact

Email: [email protected]

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High stakes action WPD funds guarantee!
Rakeback up to 50%

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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