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Unibet 2.0 new soft review

WorldPokerDeals tests new software of Unibet and presents a new promotion to € 250,000 from the same poker room!

Unibet 2.0 new soft review

Many people were looking forward to release of the updated Unibet's software which was initially scheduled for the autumn. Interest of the community is clear: since Unibet has left MPN network, from quarter to quarter it was showing steady, positive trend, with minor fluctuations. III quarter of 2016 became a record for the company, gross profit growth amounted in 65%. This was confirmed by official report (figures in brackets are for the same period of the last year):

· New record revenue of 142.3 (86.1) million pounds was fixed in the III quarter of 2016, and 391.3 (242.7) million pounds was recorded for the period from January to September 2016. Gross income taking into account the acquisition of iGame Group and Stan James totaled 14.8 million pounds in the III quarter of 2016.

· Basic EBITDA for the III quarter of 2016 was 33.9 (19.6) million pounds and GBP 84.4 (53.7) million pounds for the period from January to September 2016. EBITDA for the acquisition of iGame Group and Stan James Online amounted to 5.7 million pounds in the III quarter of 2016.

· Profit before taxes for the III quarter of 2016 amounted to 24.8 (14.4) million pounds. Profit before tax for the period from January to September 2016 amounted to 62.7 (40.9) million pounds.

· Profit after taxes for the III quarter of 2016 amounted to 21.0 (12.9) million pounds. Profit after tax for the period from January to September 2016 amounted to 54.5 (36.3) million pounds.

· Profit per share for the third quarter of 2016 was GBP 0,091 (0,057) and GBP 0,237 (0,159) for the period from January to September 2016.

· Number of active customers at the end of the quarter was 1,067,910 (671.635). Among them 223.617 are clients of iGame Group and Stan James Online.

In general, as you can see, the numbers are impressive. But let's back from boring numbers to the jolly software. As previously, it was designed by Relax Gaming. The updated client promises us:

  • Improved replayer;
  • Improved daily missions;
  • Improved loyalty system;
  • Improved mobile compatibility;
  • Total quality updating of graphics and visual component.

We can not say that we have been deceived, the software was actually processed, and according to Unibet major work has remained behind the scenes: since now Unibet 2.0 is more reliable and optimized. However, it can't be called a great breakthrough or real step forward.

A fleet glance at the lobby gives a clear understanding that everything here is strictly fish-oriented. And it's expected. Surprisingly, but downloadable PC version has more leaks than when you play in the browser. All e-mail requests haven't been received. So, if you decide to dust off your old Unibet account after a long break using the form for password restoring then you would unlikely manage to do that.


Of course, such an important event could not exist without the special promotion. And Unibet wasn't greedy: €250,000 and a special grand prize - paid 28-day tour around the world, where lucky winner will see 7 Wonders of the World. Incidentally, the prize draw will be held at Twitch-channel in January, where in addition to the aforementioned winner, another 33 players will also win unforgettable trip, and in total, about 1,000 players will receive a variety of prizes.

How to get the prizes?

Since the 1st December, all drawings will be held randomly by scrolling lottery tickets at cash tables of Unibet Poker. Every time, at randomly selected table the player who is on the button will win a lottery ticket. All other players, who will play at the winning table, get the qualifying ticket to Unibet Open. Drawing of tickets is divided into three levels and each player received a lottery ticket is guaranteed to win a prize:


Unibet 2.0 is a good sleek Unibet 1.0. This is neither good nor bad, but since December 1, among other things Unibet players have a great opportunity to participate in the section €250,000. And no matter how smoothly the graphics became, not everyday players of micro limits has the chance to travel the world.

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