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Upoker and HiTea: main features of new poker apps

In this article, we share details of two similar poker rooms which can be placed at different poles in the industry: the newcomer Upoker and the veteran HiTea (also known as HiPoker, OhPoker, and Thirteen Poker). Mobile poker rooms are constantly developing, and the industry is becoming more diverse.

Upoker and HiTea: main features of new poker apps

HiTea — one of the oldest Chinese poker rooms

HiTea was one of the first alternatives to PokerMaster. It has been able to avoid PokerMaster problems (bots, collusion, etc.) despite being on the market for almost the same time. The application mainly focuses on attracting Chinese fans and went through several rebranding and changed its name three times to keep the games safe. Of course, it doesn't eliminate the risks associated with all Chinese poker rooms, especially after the blocking of bank accounts of PokerMaster clubs.

The HiTea client is only available in Chinese, but its standard structure and our detailed guide will help you to navigate on the platform easily. After the last rebranding to HiTea, the gaming system was simplified. Now there are no crystals, and there is no need to use arbitrary units or conversion factors. Also, it became mandatory the purchase of insurance from moving to each session.

At HiTea almost all tables are 8-max with ante and straddle, making the games very loose but also unusual. Preflop pots are significantly larger, and that of course strongly affects the strategy.

Basic statistics are included at the HiTea client, but we recommend to use the traditional HUD and tracking software, which only needs to install a hand converter. Our players receive a 25% discount when buying it.

Almost all tables in HiTea are played in NLH format, and as usual, the games go in Chinese yuan (¥6,87=$1). The peak time occurs during the nights in China (evenings in Europe and mornings in America). The tables usually are created for 2,5 hours (keep in mind that it's expected that players stay at the tables until the end of the game).

Stake Tables
1/2 (NL30) 14
2/4 (NL60) 14
5/10 (NL150) 12
10/20 (NL300) 4
10/40 (NL600) 3

About 5-6 PLO tables are visible during the peak time only at PLO60.

HiTea was one of the first Chinese poker rooms that launched a jackpot, and the promotion is still ongoing. The current jackpot size can be seen at the top of any table. Players get prizes (from 5% to 15%) for getting four of a kind or better.

Upoker — the new generation of mobile poker apps

Upoker opened its doors in 2019 but is already competing with other poker applications, mainly with PPPoker, with which it has a lot in common. Upoker is developed by a well-known company — Calian Tech Marketing PLT, and its main feature is a new and more friendly approach to the interface and the club management.

The main features of Upoker are:

  • It uses a club system;
  • The rake structure is the traditional 5% weighted contributed;
  • Up to 35% rakeback for Worldpokerdeals players;
  • Full bankroll guarantee.

Our club setup in Upoker is continually expanding. Now it is mainly composed of Asian alliances. In addition to Hold'em, players can find PLO (including 5-card), OFC, and occasionally, 6+ Hold'em. Unlike HiTea, Upoker tables have no straddle or ante, which makes the games more traditional.

Stake Tables
0.20/0.40 (NL12) 5
0.5/1 (NL30) 4
1/2 (NL60) 3
2/4 (NL120) 3
3/6 (NL180) 2
5/10 (NL300) 2
10/20 (NL600) 1

Although the application is very young, several tables gather at all stakes up to NL/PLO600.


Despite using a very different gaming scheme, HiTea and Upoker combine good conditions for playing. Both rooms are excellent options for regs who are either looking for a PokerMaster replacement or those who have never rolled in poker applications.

Our team will assist you in picking up the best room and share the deal details for HiTea and Upoker.

Upoker logo
High stakes action WPD funds guarantee!
Rakeback up to 35%
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Asian mobile platform
Unfortunately deal is stopped at the current moment

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