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What happened to Thirteen Poker and PokerLords?

In the past weeks, some of our poker players have noticed some changes in our Asian poker apps offer. The traffic has indeed increased after June 1, 2018, and some apps moved to new domains, including the very popular Thirteen Poker and PokerLords. In this article, we are going to see what happened to PokerLords and Thirteen Poker, and how can you keep playing in the soft tables they offer.

What happened to Thirteen Poker  and PokerLords?

New Oh Poker tables

Nothing too serious, Thirteen Poker just rebranded as Oh Poker and PokerLords rebranded as PokerKingdom. Just a new application, a new gaming platform but using the same scheme. Actually, our players just need to download the new apps to keep playing.


New PokerKingdom lobby

How can I keep playing in PokerLords and Thirteen Poker?

1. Download the new .APK file for PokerKingdom or Oh Poker.
2. Use your same credentials (phone number and password) to log in.
3. Your game history, balance, and clubs will be the same one.
4. Contact our support team if you have any need.


New PokerKingdom tables

Can I use HUD in the new Oh Poker and PokerKingdom?

Of course! Our WPD HUD for Thirteen Poker and PokerLords works perfectly in the new Oh Poker and PokerKingdom. Contact our team to get your license.

Did the traffic change in PokerLords or Thirteen Poker?

The traffic in the new skins Oh Poker and PokerKingdom remains the same. After the so-called "Chinese Black Friday", the traffic in our Asian apps started to increase. OhPoker and PokerKingdom are smaller apps than PokerMaster but the soft traffic is very much appreciated.


New Oh Poker lobby

*Important note for Thirteen Poker - Oh Poker players:
We have noticed that our exclusive HUD software is having some technical issues if you are running the MOMO emulator. We recommend installing the LDPlayer Android emulator in order to solve this.

Best regards,

Juan, WorldPokerDeals team

Vargoso 26.06.18
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