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Where to go after Pokerstars?

After Pokerstars had announced the global change of the VIP-system in 2016 that will significantly cut the rakeback first of all for Supernovas and Supernovas Elite, i.e. mainly the cash professionals of middle and high stakes, we have received hundreds of messages, similar as two peas.

Where to go after Pokerstars?

We are addressed by those who take it for inevitable; by those who are going to take part in the protests against the changes; by those who have heard about our service from their friends or on forums and who has never played outside PokerStars before; by those whose profit is highly dependent of their rakeback and the availability of the familiar auxilary software (that PokerStars also harbor a grudge against).

They all play at different stakes and in different disciplines, but they all come up to us with one and the same question: "I'm leaving PokerStars. What can you offer?" That's why we have created some kind of a FAQ that includes the most popular questions of the recent days and our answers to them.  Let's go!


"I'm a NL400+ player at PS, I'm looking for the weakest fields"

According to this parameter, the reservations will suit you best:  People's Poker, IPoker.it and others of their ilk. The PokerStars veterans will surely be surprised at first by the software and technical peculiarities of these poker sites. However, the surprise will soon turn positive when they find out that even at the highest stakes the search for the weakest tables will take not more than a couple of minutes. As of November, 2015, by the way, 9 out of the TOP-20 in the Pokerscout rating of the largest networks/sites are exactly the reservations.

You can get a set-up for the games in a reservation from us (including the cashier). The prices are quite high. But it's these options that fully comply with the parameters set: high stakes and weak fields.


"I'm a NL400+ player at PS, they're cutting the rakeback, I'm looking for maximal rakeback and good selection of games"

Given the parameters, we recommend you to pay attention to the following poker sites:

PokerKing — the best option of the pro-American Winning network. The highest stake is NL1K. The action is daily, or, rather, nightly Moscow time. The gimmick of the site is that despite the usual VIP-system providing a maximum of 40%, the site holds a constant rake-race during which the high stakes players will easily add another 20+% to their rakeback. More than that, you can get even more favorable terms by addressing our manager in Skype. Thus, 60, 70, 80 percent and more are quite real. Good software, support for the trackers and no additional rake during the race.

Tigergaming — another North-American network, Chico. Approximately the same overall volume and level of the traffic. Since recently, the system of the rakeback is represented by the reload bonuses available only to those players who generate a good deal of rake. As usual, a private deal in Skype will right a ship for you.

Redstar  might attract you with the periodical action around amateur players up to NL10K. There is also action at the lower stakes, but frankly, it can't be called 'weak'. Though it's obvious that the field in general is weaker than that of Pokerstars.

Fulpot  is a very original poker site: unusual graphics and a special gaming currency might disorientate you at first. But in general, it's a good balance of the field and the rakeback. Our players are eligible for a hand converter to make your trackers work and a special, more profitable exchange rate of the play money for the evergreens.



"I'm a NL200–400+ player at PS"

In that case, the recommendations are the same as above but with some attractive options added:

Coral — the highest rakeback in the iPoker Network. This is the first network that occurs to those who are looking for an alternative to PS. If you are looking for the most favorable terms among endless skins of this network, Coral (and Gala Poker for the Ukrainian players) will offer the best ones.

Bet365 — another IPoker poker site that might interest those whose priority is, first of all, the weakness of the field rather than the rakeback. Premium tables are available only for the players of this site in 6-max format up to NL400, inclusively. The average level of the players is significantly lower than the average level in the network, yet the rakeback is not the highest.

Bestpoker/Redkings — The Ongame network is about to join PlanetWin365 (the Hive network). At the moment, the network is suitable only for the bum-hunt, but in the nearest future, according to estimates, there will be a serious increase of the traffic exactly at the middle stakes. We traditionally have one of the top offers here.



"I'm a NL50–NL100 player, I'm looking for a lot of action and rakeback"

Tigergaming and Pokerking are again leaders here: each offering dozens of tables and good cashback given the large volume of play.

Coral and Redstar — the options for those with low volumes of play but with the need for high return.

The players of these stakes keep asking us about  PS.it and so on. But actually, there's no reason for them to take accounts in reservations as the 'weak' action will be enough for everyone as it is. In fact, almost any network/site in the PokerScout's TOP-30 could easily suit the parameters set. The defining role is played by the subjective preferences (software, peak times, VIP-system), because almost any amounts of different games can be found with interest. Our managers in Skype will help you choose the site to suit your individual needs. It's more comfortable to reach us from here.



"I'm an up to NL50 player"

A wide variety of games at these stakes are offered by any of the above poker sites, plus:

Rupoker — in order no to live in the shadow of its elder brother — PokerDom — invests a great deal of money in different promos, giving players the opportunity to get even more rewards on the same playing field. That is the reason why we recommend Rupoker more often than PokerDom. Over 2015, the field of players has grown significantly, and now dozens of tables are played at the stakes that are equivalent to NL10–NL50, and the feedback about the line-ups is exceptionally praiseful.

Unibet — as to this option, the logic is simple: big advertising budgets attract novice players to the poker site that is a solid brand. The site is oriented exclusively towards the amateur players. The amateurs tend to play at moderate stakes. It means that there is a lot of work to do for our NL10–NL50 regulars.



"I'm a heads-up player"

The heads-up sites can be rated in terms of attractiveness in the following order:

- Dollaro

- People's Poker

- Tigergaming

Planetwin365 (Hive/Ongame)

- PokerKing

- IPoker(Coral/Gala/Bet365 etc.)

- Cristal Poker

- Intertops

For the first two we are offering the deals with the agent accounts that are more suitable for the high stakes. The rest is for the middle and low stakes.

We discourage you from hoping to get infinite action. In any of these sites you will often have to wait for the game. However, only those who can wait get the weakest opponents capable of seriously plunging into the game. The King of the Hill has also become a standard for heads-ups. You can find backwater without this standard in such networks as Ongame, for example.



"I'm a Zoom player, any offers?"

Fast poker is probably one of few disciplines that has almost no competition outside PS. However:

-IPoker: suitable action at the micro- and low stakes, not higher than NL100.

Rupoker и Redstar: suitable action at the lowest stakes.

- PS.it: the changes in the VIP-system affect the reservations as well, but at least the field is obviously weaker here, including Zoom.


"I'm a PLO player. I even have a certificate"

In brief: the actual info is the same as for NLHE. As a rule, the site with a good Holdem field offers a good PLO field as well.

American Tigergaming and Pokerking, European sites of IPoker and Microgaming and, of course, the reservations: DollaroIPoker.it, IPoker.fr and others — here are the main options.

Special mention should be made of Cristal Poker — an Italian site that is not a reservation: the volume of Omaha games is nearly the same as in Holdem. Not more than 4 tables at each stakes, but you can get regular action up to PLO2K. And our terms on this site are unparalleled on the whole market.


In conclusion

It is notable that our system of the filters on the page with the poker sites works accurately, except for rare bugs. The poker sites are estimated on the basis of numerous parameters, including the feedback from the users. That's why we are not discovering America today: the filters show you the list of poker sites that in fact are identical to the ones described in this article.

But we hope that a little structuring and a comment on each of the most interesting sites will help the Pokerstars regulars — and not only them — get the lay of the land in the vastness of online poker outside the Titan.

You can always contact our managers

Or apply to become our VIP-player

Or discuss any site related issue on our forum

Or meddle with our filters

Or register

Or watch some cats on Youtube

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