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Where to play high stakes with HUD?

Author: Vargoso Published: 16.05.22

The higher the stakes, the more players have to deal with multiple rooms, table selection, and exploit trackers. This article will study which rooms host high-stakes games ($5/$10+) with friendly conditions for regs.

Where to play high stakes with HUD?

Three networks

Although there are many top HUD-friendly poker sites, they have somehow limited table selection, and the overall indicator doesn't correlate with the high stakes games (NL/PLO1k+) availability.

Now we can find:

  Highest stake Table selection
Winning $25/$50* Restricted
Chico $5/$10 ($15/$30**) Restricted
iPoker $5/$10 Restricted

*100BB buy-in

**Omaha H/L only

The number of high-stakes games can change very quickly — tables are hosted by certain players and "fall apart" just like that. We counted the number of active tables on NL/PLO1k+ during a weekday:

  NL1K$ PLO1K$
  22:00 6:00 22:00 6:00
Winning 3 (1) 2 (2) 3 3
Chico 2 2 4 5
iPoker 5      

*9-max tables are indicated in brackets

  1. 1-2 tables at $10/$20, $15/$30, and $25/$50, some of them Short and Cap with purchase of 10BB and 20BB
  2. Two-three 7-Day No Rathole tables at $50/$100, $75/$150
  3. 2-3 tables across PLO2k, PLO3k, and even more tables in the European prime.

High-stakes Hold'em games ($5/$10+) can be spotted across three TOP sites late at night (ET time). Omaha, at this stake, is popular in the American primetime, but only in Chico and Winning. Higher action is available only in WPN at three stakes.

Poker apps

PLO2000 table at PokerBros

PokerBros and Suprema Poker have their own "ring" for high stakes. Here Omaha "rules" across all formats.

  • The action in two Brazilian alliances heads to PLO5 and PLO6 at 6-max tables (4-5 tables with bets of $5/$10) and HU (5-6 games at PLO1k-4k).
  • At PokerBros, the main alliances show 4-5 tables (PLO4) and 11-12 games (PLO5), and in PLO6, the action is not left behind.

Moreover, almost all tables in this room have VPIP restrictions and calltime, and the number of hands that must be played after winning a pot is usually 10.

It's clear that the action in poker apps is very specific compared to classic rooms, but those are the best sites to play high stakes PLO5 and PLO6.

PokerKing logo
Winning Poker Network
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PokerBros logo
Asian mobile platform
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Chico Poker Network
High stakes action
Deposit bonus 1000$
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Suprema Poker logo
Suprema Poker
Asian mobile platform
Deposit bonus n\a
Rakeback up to 45%
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iPoker Network
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Deposit bonus $2000
Rakeback Up to 35%

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