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Which Asian app to choose? Traffic, rake and games comparison

What is up, guys! For us living in the West, the Chinese poker world is very, very weird. You must deeply study the current situation of online poker in China in order to understand why mobile applications like PokerMaster are so popular there. 

Which Asian app to choose? Traffic, rake and games comparison

What is an Asian poker application?

Just a few words about the Chinese poker applications.  An Asian poker app like PokerMaster offers a unique experience: time traveling to 2008 and play against lots of wealthy poker amateur enthusiasts. OK, maybe the time traveling part is not true, but the 2008 experience certainly is. Now, is 2018, the method is different but the experience is similar: you must use a mobile application and an agent system (this is a very trusted person or company to handle your accounts and money) in order to take part of the boom. Here is a quick view on traffic volume before comparison: 

There are some similarities between the Asian poker apps, let's first cover this topic before jumping into the poker rooms:

  • All the Asian poker apps are designed for mobile devices. You play directly from your phone, tablet or from your PC using an Android Emulator.
  • You must use an agent (like WorldPokerDeals) in order to play in the Asian poker apps. There is no other way to play there, even if you live in China.
  • There is a special rake system. If you win - you pay rake (normally 5`% from your winning for each table session). If you lose - you don't pay rake (except for PPPoker that charges rake per pot just like any other poker site).
  • We will give you a username and password to check your results on a dedicated website. You will only check your balance and results on the website, not in the application.
  • There is HUD (Heads Up Display) and Hand Converter software available for some of the applications. We keep developing hand converters compatible with Holdem Manager / Poker Tracker / Hand2Note for all available apps.
  • All the games are played in Chinese Yuans. The average USD-CNY rate is 1 USD = 6.5 CNY.
  • We offer a full money guarantee in any Asian App. This is very unique and it is a probe of our commitment to our players.


PokerMaster is the most popular Chinese Poker Application and right now is the biggest Chinese poker room in terms of traffic. PokerMaster suits perfectly for experienced players (NL400>) of No Limit Hold'em, including Heads-Up. HUD and Hand Converter software is available for PokerMaster. Biggest profits are being made here by our players.

We work with 40+ clubs in Pokermaster and keep adding new ones. 

Read our detailed review of PokerMaster

Contact our manager in Skype to know more details about PokerMaster

PokerMaster key facts

Stakes HUD HU tables Omaha Tables Jackpot Tables Stacking?
Up to NL/PLO 6000 Yes Yes Yes No Yes


PPPoker is our Asian-Not Asian App. Sure, PPPoker is an Asian App but is not a regular one. It comes from Asia, it uses the agent system and it is a mobile application but is the less complicated app to use, so we consider PPPoker as the entry level of the Chinese Poker World. Is the only mobile application with rakeback and uses a regular rake system (5% of the pot with a 3BB cap). PPPoker is also the only Chinese app where OFC Chinese Poker is played. WorldPokerDeals players can use our exclusive HUD software for PPPoker.

Read our detailed review of PPPoker

Contact our manager in Skype to know more details about PPPoker

PPPoker key facts

Stakes HUD HU tables Omaha Tables Jackpot Tables Stacking?
Up to NL/PLO 1500 Yes Yes Yes No No

13 Thirteen Poker (OH Poker)

Thirteen Poker or 13Poker (right now they are changing their jurisdiction and moving under a new app OH Poker) is getting very popular right now. It uses the same scheme as PokerMaster but right now is not paying the price of the fame (is not that popular so traffic is much less but in the same way collusion and regulars are not common). The composition today is very weak and some medium-high stakes tables can be found. There is no support for tracking software in Thirteen Poker. We recommend Thirteen Poker for those players looking to add some really fishiest tables to their portfolio and don't mind to play without HUD.

Read our detailed review of Thirteen Poker

Contact our manager in Skype to know more details about Thirteen Poker

Thirteen Poker key facts

Stakes HUD HU tables Omaha Tables Jackpot Tables Stacking?
Up to NL 1500 No No


No Yes


There is no need to deep-study SuperPoker. Is just another PokerMaster but not that popular. Don't take that "not that popular" quick, is very important. Almost all the traffic in SuperPoker corresponds to wealthy amateur Chinese players. There is no support for tracking software and there is not lots of traffic, but we recommend this room for those looking for the weakest games online. SuperPoker offers Jackpot tables, where you can win additional prizes for losing with some of the best hands. All the software is in Chinese, but there is no need to know the language to win at the tables :). 

Read our detailed review of SuperPoker

Contact our manager in Skype to know more details about SuperPoker

SuperPoker key facts

Stakes HUD HU tables Omaha Tables Jackpot Tables Stacking?
Up to NL 1000 No No Low Yes Yes

Conclusion: Which Asian app suits me better?

It is not easy to jump to that conclusion, but after considering each app with their benefits and opportunities, we have created this easy to use tables to help you decide with Asian app to start with.

Key factors of Asian poker apps:

  PokerMaster PPPoker SuperPoker 13Poker
High Stakes X     X
Mid Stakes X X X X
Low Stakes   X    
Support software X X    
Experience needed High Low Medium Medium
Deposit required High Low High High
Jackpot tables     X  
OFC Tables   X    

Games offered in our Asian poker apps setup:

PokerMaster X X X X
PPPoker X X X  
SuperPoker X   X  
13Poker X   X  

* Games currently available in the poker room

Traffic comparison between PokerMaster, PPPoker, 13Poker, and SuperPoker

  2/4 5/10 10/20 20/40 25/50 50/100 200/400
PokerMaster 21 27 20 18 4 3 3
PPPoker 10 8 7 5 4 3  
SuperPoker     4 3      
13Poker   4 7 8   2  

*Number of tables per limit in CNY.

Final words

  • Read our "Definitive guide to play in the Asian poker apps", it has some very important information.
  • If you are an experienced poker player and want to try the Asian poker world but still have some doubts, you can try our All-In Express stacking program and free-grind at the beginning.
  • If you are ready to start in the Chinese poker world, we recommend PPPoker as the best app to start.
  • If you have some experience and are not worried about seeing lots of traffic or using support software, give a try to SuperPoker or 13Poker
  • If you are an experienced high stakes poker player don't think twice, go for PokerMaster

We invite you to contact us if you have any doubt about PokerMaster or any other Asian app.


Juan, WorldPokerDeals team

Vargoso 17.06.18
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