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Why is GG Network taking the lead of online poker industry?

Back in 2014, the Good Game Network (GG) opened its doors as an Asian network (focused only on Chinese and Southeast Asian countries) with a motto in mind: make poker fun again. Now in 2019, it's one of the largest online poker networks and has become a global project. What are the secrets behind its success?

Why is GG Network taking the lead of online poker industry?


The primary indicator of a poker network is traffic. No matter how many promotions, software improvements or ambassadors, exists, if a poker room doesn't have traffic, it doesn't have anything. And in one word, the traffic on GG Network is outstanding. Anytime you login to our account you'll see lots of tables at all stakes. PokerScouts ranks GG in the TOP-4 (sometimes it jumps to the TOP-3) in terms of traffic and given the fact the network is now a global site instead of an Asian site, the action runs around the clock.

Network expansion

GG has focused on three main points to expand the business:

  • Since day one, they decided to make a poker network friendly with recreational players. HUDs are banned on GG network, and its loyalty program always included a random factor, also it offers a good rakeback deal and astounding promotions with added money
  • Conquering local markets by adding focused skins. GG now has European, Latvian, Russian, British, Latin-American, and of course Chinese and Asian skins, each one focused on attracting players from its market;
  • Having a good ambassadors team with local players promoting the network around the world.

The network's development hasn't been controversy-free. Initially, and mainly for being an Asian-network, it looked like a shady network that only processed deposits and withdrawals via Facebook chat. More recently, a wave of winning players banned appeared, although it was all sorted out. But, today the network is very trusted and is even offering compensation freeroll tournaments for a DDoS attack suffered last month, a way to acknowledge the flaws in the software and create loyalty. 

Monthly promotions

More recently GG decided to announce new promotions every month with hundreds (or even millions) of dollars GTD in prizes, each time promoting a different game format or a new feature. In the past months, the promotions of the network focused on Rush & Cash, Omaha, All-in or Fold, and massive tournament series like Good Game Series.

Welcome package

On top of a first deposit bonus up to $1,000, the Honeymoon for Newcomers promotion is the welcome package offered by GG Network to all new players. It's a 30-day challenge-type promotion where players get rewards by completing missions that include going to the showdown in a hand, playing for a certain time, etc. The prizes are given in the form of tickets, T$ balance, and real money.

Cash games lobby

No matter what time you check in the GG Network lobby, there are always available tables to join. The number of low-stakes tables is countless, while the high-stakes action even included PLO nosebleeds games.

Hold'em lobby

Omaha lobby


The MTT lobby on GG Network deserves additional comment. Every month over $12M are GTD in the high-roller tournament series BLADE. In 2019 the Good Game Series 2 had additional $10M GTD, and everyday tournament of all stakes are played in the skins of GG Network.

Exotic game formats

Besides casino games, GG Network offers All-in or Fold tables, a trendy format among Asian players that honors its name. Players can only go all-in preflop or fold, and lots of tables are played at all stakes from NL/PLO25 to NL/PLO2000. GG Network promotes AoF tables with a jackpot and announcing festivals with incredible added money every month.

Smart HUD

GG decided to be "HUD no-HUD" network. Although all tracking software is strictly banned (in theory, suitable for amateur players), the network added a built-in feature called Smart HUD which is nothing but a very basic HUD showing some real-time stats like VPIP, hands played, notes, player status (on a run, bluffer, tilted, etc.). In the future, Smart HUD can be the middle path between banning support software and allowing some basic stats for regs. 

Worldpokerdeals rakeback deal

All players registered under the Worldpokerdals affiliate program will receive a transparent rakeback deal on GG Network. Our current best offer is PokerOK (50% monthly rakeback), but we have several skins for different countries (UK, Latvia) and needs. Contact our team to know more about our rakeback deals on GG network.

Manager / GG Skin Skype Telegram Whatsapp
Timofey (PokerOK) timofey_asianpokerdeals_russia Timofey_wpd +79114412608
Alex (GGPoker, Optibet) live:newbheartstoned alexey_wpd +66658566798
David (BestPoker, BetKings) live:b8f3fa9afc6fa3cc David_wpd +380980972748


Let's imagine a reg-flooded field. No one would like to join it because the players would be very skilled. Now imagine a field with the worst conditions for regs. Again, the same scenario because online poker is a business meant to make money.

The GG Network strategy is to create a balance with good conditions both for regs and amateurs, and it has proven to be very successful; therefore, is not surprising that the network is currently ranked as one of the best worldwide, and the future looks very promising. 

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