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Why you should be playing on Latin American poker rooms?

Hey guyz! We are so excited here in Worldpokerdeals with the new Latin American poker rooms we launched last week, and we just want to give you some cool tips to play in this exotic poker rooms and of course, give you the best advice about why you should be playing in Latin American Poker rooms. So let's get started!

Why you should be playing on Latin American poker rooms?

We all love Latin America...well, at least all of us that have at least traveled here...the weather, the music, the parties, the women's...all is just great here, and the poker is not left aside, poker is great here too. Now in exclusive we are offering safe access to the best 3 Latin American poker rooms, and this is why we think you should be playing there if you want to increase your EV:

Local Players

You must know, Neteller card, Skrill card, any card you can imagine, is not available in Latin America, and this is one if the big reasons why Latin American guys plays in this poker rooms, because of the local and withdrawal deposit methods. Of course with us you can use Skrill or Neteller, but the thing we want you to understand is that here in Latin America is not that easy to deposit or withdrawal online cash, so lots of poker players, specially the recreational ones are just looking for local poker rooms that can accept local currency.

Safe Access

You can go and take a look in Google, maybe type "Worldpokerdeals safe?", and of course, you are not going to find any but good news about us, and this have a cool reason: we only offer safe poker deals. We deep study all the poker rooms we offer: we play a lot of hands, do deposits and cashouts, monitor the traffic, read forums, anything you can imagine to make sure we are offering a safe deal to you here, and Latin America is not the exception, make sure that the deal we offer at Red Colombiana de Poker and Aconcagua Poker are safe deals.


This is one of the best things, the good traffic in Latin American poker rooms starts of course and evening and night in Latin America, which is morning for Russia, Asia and really early in Europe. So you can complement your poker tables with Latin American poker rooms, I mean, you can play at night in European rooms, afternoon in Chinese rooms and then in the morning you can go and play in Latin American poker rooms, which is very cool if you are a high profile grinder looking for poker games around the clock.

Free Access

We have to say it: Playing poker in Latin American poker rooms is free! We charge nothing for account creation, deposits or withdrawals, our only intention here is to offer the best poker rooms for our regulars, and in top of that, we charge nothing for currency exchange, you can deposit using Skril, Neteller, USD or Euro and we are going to convert it straight to local money without losing a coin,

Rakeback deal!!!

Of course! We are offering not just access but the best rakeback deal you can find in the market! Just get in touch with our Latin American manager in Skype to find out the current rakeback deal we can offer you, we can assure you that you are going to be very happy with it.

So...safe and free access, rakeback deal, local Latin American fishes, fast deposits and withdrawals...what are you waiting to start playing in Latin American poker rooms?


Juan, Worldpokerdeals team

Vargoso 17.08.17
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