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Winning Poker Network: Cyclones Blitz Satellites

Author: Vargoso Published: 06.02.20

The Venom tournament has become an important asset for the Winning Poker Network. Although the network hasn't confirmed the first date for 2020, it has already held two successful editions in 2019 (with a total guaranteed prize pool of $11M), so all eyes are staring at it right now. WPN is taking advantage of its popularity with a new format recently launched.

Winning Poker Network: Cyclones Blitz Satellites

The Venom: satellites for an unconfirmed tournament

Right after the first edition of The Venom ended, the WPN network announced a new event. Still, after the December tournament, there has been no information about when players will be called to arms to fight for another millionaire prize. But, we are sure that a new The Venom will be played as the network never took down step satellites for the event, we just don't know when it will be played.

Now, two months later, there was the first movement in this matter, which can only be considered as a small hint about the future of The Venom — Cyclone Blitz Satellites. This original satellite format has never been used in online poker. But first, let's see how this novelty relates to The Venom:

  • "Venom" tab on any WPN skin now only offers Cyclone Blitz tournaments;
  • After seven steps, the last satellite awards $2,650 tickets, which are called "Venom tickets."

We jump to this conclusion after checking the PokerKing website on how you can use the tickets won in Cyclones Blitz satellites — there is stated that those can be used to make your way to a major prize of $1,000,000, which was the guaranteed prize for The Venom winners. Of course, both winners of the first editions got more money as the events smashed the initial guaranteed prize pool.

Still, no further details are known about when the next The Venom will be played or what changes it will bring; it will keep surely the same buy-in, and the guaranteed prize pool wouldn't be less than $6M.

Cyclones Blitz Satellites: infinite fast-fold poker satellites

As we said before, there are seven steps or levels of Cyclones Blitz; each one has the following characteristics:

Level Buy-in Starting Stack Prize (Ticket)
1 $0,25 697 $1,65
2 $1,65 1137 $6,6
3 $6,6 1819 $16,5
4 $16,5 1364 $55
5 $55 1163 $215
6 $215 1588 $630
7 $630 1133 $2,650

But what's interesting is the game structure:

  • These satellites are more like cash games in fast-fold poker format, hence the word "Blitz" in the name;
  • As long as there are registered players for the events, each level of the satellites runs indefinitely;
  • The blinds are set to 50/100, that is, the starting stack goes from 7bb to 18bb;
  • There are two ways to get a ticket to the next level: reach a stack of 5,000 chips and exit the game, or buy the difference between your current stack and the 5,000 chips needed. The option is called "For The Win" and its indicator is located in the bottom-left part of the table.

WPN Cyclones Blitz Satellites

WPN Cyclones Blitz Satellites

Winning Poker not only combined its two main novelties least year — The Venom and Blitz Poker, but also came up with a fresh satellite format, which has many advantages, especially for amateur players:

  • You can sit and leave the table at any time if there are enough players at the right level;
  • At any time in the game, you can buy a stack and get a ticket to the next level;
  • The game itself is much faster due to the format of the tables;
  • Players got more action when they play Cyclones Blitz Satellites.

For those who don't want to reach level 7 and want to spend the ticket won right away, WPN launched a classic MTT Series — Cyclones Special, consisting of five daily events in which you can register using tickets won in satellites from level 2 to 6.

Cyclones Special Buy-in
$2,000 GTD $1,65
$20,000 GTD $6,6
$10,000 GTD $16,5
$25,000 GTD $55
$30,000 GTD $215

The launch of these events suggests that the new edition of The Venom is just around the corner. Only its results will show how effective this new format was.

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