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Winning Poker Network (WPN) Review in 2017

Today we are going to dedicate a post to the WPN network (Winning Poker Network). Many of our players will surely have already heard of the network and know it, however due to the large number of complaints against PokerStars recently and the many players looking for a new site to play, we want to tell you about the current situation of the network, traffic, and in general the arguments for and against making a transition to this network.

Which online poker rooms are part of the WPN network?

PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, PokerHost, YaPoker and some small rooms that are not included in the WPD offer. The main poker rooms of the network are the top three on the list.

Is it true that the WPN network accepts players from the USA?

Yes. The network accepts players from the United States. The exception is PokerKing, which does not allow registration of such players, however this does not affect the pool of players - whether you play at PokerKing or another online poker room, you can share tables with the descendants of the great Doyle.

However, you should not make false hopes of going back to the golden years of 2007: regular US players are still there and they are good as always. The skill of the players does not depend on their country of residence.

What is the traffic in the WPN network?

The room is not new to the online poker elite, being the largest poker platform that accepts players from the United States. Below you can see a summary of all the modalities that are played in the poker rooms of the network. It should be noted that the game peaks correspond with the afternoons and nights of Latin America and night / morning of Europe.

NLHE: There are dozens of micro-limit tables, low and medium levels in 6-max and 9-max formats. At NL400 levels up, you can easily find 2-4 tables. The maximum limit is NL5k, although the action is not permanent. Games in Heads-Up are limited, so to play with a fish you will surely have to beat some regulars.

PLO: It's very simple to summarize the PLO action on the WPN network tables: about 1/3 of the Texas Hold'em tables.

Jackpot SNG (Spin & Go): There are tables of $2, $10, $25 and $40 with the usual format of 3-max and standard structure, rake and multipliers. There is great traffic at the tables of $2 and $10 and decent at the tables of $25 and $40.

SNG: for the most part, the action is developed in hyper HU at low levels. Occasionally there is action at levels $120 and above. There is offer of DoN and MTG SNG, in addition to SNG on demand, however the traffic is not too high to multitble

MTT: The only tournament series to be held is $ 1kk + guaranteed, available to US players. There is a decent traffic of regular tournaments with a variety of structures and varieties ready to go for it.

What software uses the WPN network?

The software used by the WPN network is called Yatahay, which in our opinion is one of the best in the market. Away from Stars of course, but not by much. It has recently been updated and now includes many of the traditional PokerStars options. It supports support trackers and works with hand histories, unlike PartyPoker, MPN and GG.

How is the player field WPN network?

Based on statistics and reviews, we can say the following: do not expect too much weak action or tables full of fishes. Due to the high rakeback offered, the network has attracted many players who play a lot and are usually even or negative, and these will be the main opponents at the tables. Of course, you can expect at least a beginner per table. With a good table selection, you can find weak tables at any level.

Statistically speaking, the numbers speak in favor of WPN: during the three months last summer, our players won over $100,000, regardless of rakeback. This figure is comparable to Bodog in his best times.

Are there bots on the WPN network?

Yes. The network has grown in favor of regular players looking for great rakeback.

Bots are usually banned regularly. Are the bots terrible? Well, if you manage to take advantage of "even" or zero players, you can take advantage of an average bot (this opinion is subjective and is based on incomplete information, of course).

We note something, perhaps unexpected: there are no more bots in WPN than the super-safe PokerStars.

What is rakeback in the WPN network?

High, if you play enough and you generate good rake, otherwise, no. The main feature is that it is not rakeback itself, but two races totally separate for players of cash games and tournaments. Together, coupled with our particular offer, you can even achieve a rakeback of 100% or more. To reach these figures, you must rake more than $10,000/month or more.

PokerKing offers only a VIP program with levels between 10%-40% rakeback; while BlackChipPoker allows you to choose between a VIP program between 10% -60% rakeback, or 27% fixed rakeback. The 27% rakeback option is best for players who generate less than $ 600 rake per month. For the rest, we recommend PokerKing.

How are withdrawals in the WPN network?

Withdrawals are time consuming, especially compared to PokerStars. The average time can be 10-15 days. In Neteller and EcoPayz it can be a little faster. The fastest option is Bitcoins.

Long wait times are normal in rooms that accept players from the United States. The number of players we have registered in WPN is close to 1,000. We can not guarantee that the network will not close its doors 1 day after your first deposit of course. However, we can say with total responsibility the following: in more than 3 years of continuous work with the network, none of our players has lost a withdrawal, as long as they have not violated the rules of the rooms.

Is it worth going from PokerStars to WPN?

Not for everyone. Especially not for those looking for super weak players. For them, Asia is the way.

Also for those who can not play at peak times, as the number of players reduces considerably.

Nor do we recommend it for those who usually moves money from one room to another quickly. Nor is it for those who run away when they hear the word "bots."

For the big rest of players, we recommend at least take a look and at most - start playing!

Our players won over $ 120,000 in April on the network! This is an important sample of how things go on WPN!

As always you can contact us for details of transactions, conditions, private, layouts, and absolutely any concerns:

Skype: wpd.spanish@outlook.com

Email: juan@worldpokerdeals.com



Worldpokerdeals Team

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