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Winning vs. Chico: flagship poker rooms comparison

In the past few months, we compared the two largest European poker networks: iPoker and Microgaming. Today we will study the American ones — Winning and Chico, and we will focus on their leading poker rooms (those skins that stand out for certain parameters): PokerKing and Tigergaming.

Winning vs. Chico: flagship poker rooms comparison


Unlike European rooms, our today's heroes were chosen by us as the flagships of their networks not because of any special bonus offer. In American poker networks, there is almost no such thing as exclusive promotions, but there are of course differences between skins.

PokerKing compared to other Winning Poker Network rooms:

  • Doesn't accept American players directly, which will protect it in case of any problem with the US authorities;
  • Unusual first deposit bonus which includes and instantaneous bonus;
  • Created by Vinko Dobrosevic, the IGSoft founder, which now develops software for the entire network
  • Attracts players from big countries as Russia.

Main differences between Tigergaming and other Chico network rooms:

  • Doesn't accept American players directly, which will protect it in case of any problem with the US authorities;
  • It focuses on different markets outside America.

Cash games traffic comparison at PokerKing and Tigergaming


Currently, Winning (11th), and Chico (14th) are separated by 3 positions in the PokerScout ranking. But on average it could be estimated at around 25% more traffic in cash games at Winning and the peak of connections can be almost twice as much in PokerKing. Let's check the cash games distribution during the peak time per game format.

We took data both in European and American prime time so our players from different locations can find it useful.

European prime time

Time 21:00 22:30 0:00
Stake PokerKing Tigergaming PokerKing Tigergaming PokerKing Tigergaming
NL10 5 5 5 10 6 9
NL25 5 5 8 7 10 8
NL50 6 5 5 8 6 7
NL100 3 4 2 3 7 3
NL200 6 3 7 3 7 1
NL400 (500) 2 2 1     4
NL600         1  
NL1K+* 1 2 2 3 2 2

American prime time

Time 3:00 4:30 6:00
Stake PokerKing Tigergaming PokerKing Tigergaming PokerKing Tigergaming
NL10 8 10 8 13 10 12
NL25 17 11 8 10 13 10
NL50 6 4 6 3 15 4
NL100 7 5 8 5 11 5
NL200 9 3 9 1 4 3
NL400 (500) 4 6 2 4 1 4
NL600 1       1  
NL1K+* 3 2 3 6 4 7

* At PokerKing nl1k+ action goes up to NL5k, while at Tigergaming goes up to NL2k.

One of the most important features of cash games traffic is that there are a good number of 9-max tables available, which nowadays are not easy to find because the market has adapted to 6-max format.

In the following table, we take the traffic during the evening and early in the morning:

Time Evening Morning
Stake PokerKing Tigergaming PokerKing Tigergaming
NL10 2-3 4-6 1-2 9-12
NL25 3-4 2-3 3-5 3-5
NL50 4-5 1-2 4-7 3
NL100 2-3 5-7 3-4 8-11
NL200 1-2 0-2 2 3
NL400 (500) 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2
NL600 1      
NL1K+* 1-2   1  

* At PokerKing the action goes up to NL10k, while at Tigergaming goes up to NL2k.

What conclusions can be drawn from the current cash games traffic at PokerKing and Tigergaming?

  • At all stakes, the traffic reaches its peak during the American nights;
  • Given the fact that the lowest stake at Tigergaming is NL10, the number of games at 6-max and 9-max tables is the same or even a little more compared to PokerKing;
  • During peak playing time in Europe, the action isn't great — only close to midnight there are up to 10 tables ay NL10-NL100 stakes. But when we look at NL100-NL200, PokerKing had a big advantage.
  • The best time to play limits over NL400 is the late night and early morning (Europe).

In addition, both rooms have other traffic features that are not included in our tables:

  • PokerKing has up to 5-6 Six Plus Hold'em tables at NL10-NL100 stakes, and occasionally higher limits are visible at the lobby. Up to 10 HU tables are played at PokerKing at NL10-NL50 stakes. The 7-Day No Rathole tables have action up to PLO10k, but the main action is focused on the PLO10-PLO400 stakes (10-15 tables, for both sites).
  • Tigergaming has fast poker but only at NL10, and the maximum connections are 50 players.

Comparison of SnG tournaments at PokerKing and Tigergaming

Unlike European networks, on the American ones, the SnG action is not only represented by spins.

At the PokerKing lobby over 50 active SnG can be spotted. Most turbo and regular tournaments at a 9-max format with buy-ins ranging from $1,5 to $15. 10-12 tournaments are also visible in the "on demand" format, which has a late registration period.

Regarding Tigergaming, the most popular SnG are turbo and hyper-turbo 6-max with buy-ins up to $15, and DON at the same stakes.

In both poker rooms, Spins (Jackpot and WindFall) are available in 4 stakes:

  • PokerKing — $2, $10, $20, $40.
  • Tigergaming— $3, $7, $15, $30.

The multipliers and probabilities are different in each one, for example, the lowest stake:

  • PokerKing-x2 and x4-70,518% and 21,366%;
  • Tigergaming-x2 and X5-75,06% and 24,772%.

Rake comparison at PokerKing and Tigergaming

At the cash games, the rake structure is different in both rooms. Tigergaming charges slightly more than PokerKing (5.5% vs. 5%) but the caps are lower when 5 or fewer players are seated at the table:

At PokerKing, the cap for all stakes is $3, while Tigergaming is:

  • NL10 - $0.5;
  • NL25-50 - $2;
  • NL100+ - $3.

At Tigergaming it must be considered that almost all tables over NL100 are part of the Jackpot promotion, which charges a little additional fee.

In spins, the rake is 6% at PokerKing and 7% at Tigergaming.

Rakeback comparison at PokerKing and Tigergaming

First of all, we must say that in both rooms, our players will get special VIP deals, all the details can be asked to Timofey. Regarding the public VIP programs of both rooms, there are the following options:

First Deposit Bonus

At PokerKing, the players can receive and instantaneous bonus (up to $50) right after making their first deposit, which is immediately loaded to the player gaming account. In order to receive that bonus, the players must contact the room support. Of course, to withdraw it you will need to play a little more than usual.

  PokerKing Tigergaming
Size up to $777 $1,000
Time 90 days 30 days
Payments $2 for every 135 SP $10 for every 5,000 CP
Rakeback 10% 20%

Loyalty programs

At PokerKing the loyalty program is called "Royal Club" and consists of five monthly levels. To keep each of them, the player must score at least two times less the rake required for acquiring the status for the first time:

  • Bronze — 10% rakeback (0 points);
  • Silver — 15% rakeback ($333 points);
  • Gold — 20% rakeback ($833 points);
  • Platinum - 30% rakeback ($1,666 points);
  • Royal - 40% rakeback ($3,333 points).

There is no VIP program at Tigergaming. The players receive Comp Points (100 for $1 rake), but those can only be used to enter tournaments.

Additional promotions

PokerKing holds two regular weekly rake races for its players:

  • Kings Treasures — the race for cash tables. It consists of a progressive prize pool, formed by a fraction of the rake. The prizes have four fixed payout levels: $2,500, $1,000, $250, $100. Each week more than 100 grinders receive prizes.
  • SnG Treasures — the race for SnG tournaments, including spins. The number of points awarded depends on the tournament buy-in. The race has fixed payout levels $1,250, $500, $125, $50 and each week up to 90 players win prizes.

Tigergaming also hosts two rake races:

  • $1,100 Daily Cash Race — its winners are determined daily at six levels. The best three players who have played the most raked hands per stake get a prize. Jackpot and fast poker tables are not part of this promotion.
  • $5,275 Weekly SnG Challenge — a weekly race for SnG players. Its payout is divided into four parts according to the tournaments.
Tournament 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Regular / Turbo $750.00 $550.00 $400.00 $300.00 $200.00
Hyper $500.00 $250.00 $200.00 $150.00 $100.00
Regular / Turbo HU $250.00 $150.00 $100.00 $75.00 $50.00
Hyper Turbo HU $500.00 $300.00 $200.00 $150.00 $100.00

Also, the tables over NL100 are part of the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion which current size is over half a million dollars.

Both rooms periodically announce reload bonuses.


Our PokerKing and Tigergaming analysis proved that both of these American rooms have good traffic indicators (especially at 9-max tables) and fits the needs of different groups of players.

PokerKing is a classic room for medium and high stakes grinders, where they can receive a high percentage of rakeback. If you can play a lot of tables at NL50-NL200 and you are ok playing against a dense regular field, then PokerKing is your room.

Tigergaming give almost no rakeback to players and to use trackers additional software is needed. Worldpokerdeals players will have both rakeback and HUD at the tables, but we must say that the rakeback is lower compared to PokerKing. But, Tigergaming offers the opportunity to bumhunt fish and weak regulars at the tables. We consider this a good room for regular players at NL10-NL200 stakes.

Players looking for high stakes games (from NL1k) will be able to find action in both rooms.

All questions related to PokerKing and Tigergaming, including our VIP deals could be addressed to Timofey on Skype.

PokerKing logo
Winning Poker Network
50%+ rakeback Network's best skin
Deposit bonus $2,000
Rakeback up to 90%
Tigergaming logo
Chico Poker Network
Network's best skin
Deposit bonus 1000$
Rakeback VIP

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