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WorldPokerDeals Partners - Earn with us!

Guys, great news!

WorldPokerDeals Partners - Earn with us!

«Worldpokerdeals Partners» program has just been launched! Keep reading to know everything about it!

This is our partner site for you, our players, and with it you can have additional or even main profit, just recommending our brilliant service to your friends. 

In a couple of days we will start to invite everyone to attract players to our site, providing from our part: 4 language versions, 10+ dedicated managers, money guarantees, key decisions, all this combined making us a remarkable service. There are three available partnership models:

TAF (Tell a Friend) - This is attracting players to our services by a reference and receiving a commission without lots of work; you will have the ability to monitor the results of your referred friends and receive a profit from them. We pay 1%-3% of the player's rake, and you will not worry about anything else. Like working with us? Recommend our services to your friends and get additional profit.

Affiliate - This is having your own players database and support services. We provide all the necessary tools for free, reporting plus our reputation as a guarantee of transparency in settlements and payments. You will also get help with money logistics, currency exchange, withdrawals and free software.

Franchise - We can hep you to localize your platform (both website and admin panel) according to your geographic needs and language while you engage new players + marketing under your unique brand. As a matter of fact, you will have a White Label under WPD receiving a ready, trusted product + our team support. Profitable, long term, awesome.

We will add more details soon about the conditions of the referral programs, but now we can give in advance some links:

Link to WPD Partners: https://worldpokerdeals.com/affiliate
To the demo of the partner cabinet: https://demo-affiliate.worldpokerdeals.com

If you have any question about partnership program, please contact Timofey:

Skype: timofey_asianpokerdeals_russia

Telegram: www.t.me/Timofey_wpd

Rodion Longa, WPD Leader

Vargoso 24.03.18
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