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WPN Tools is back to Winning Poker Network!

In mid-September, WPN Tools got added to the banned list software of PokerKing (Winning Poker Network), a sad event for regular players; even some of them noticed the problem after they got banned from the room.

WPN Tools is back to Winning Poker Network!

This piece of software was very handy to grind in multiple tables at the time, and without it, it was very uncomfortable to play in the room. The software developer shared a message received by the room:

"This decision was made jointly with our risk department and is not subject to discussion".

Some WPN Tools users suggested that the software was not mean to automate any of the decisions at the table, which is why the network decided to block the software.

After that, the software developer contacted the WPN software team and explained the player's needs, and they took a decision to create a light version of the software — WPN Tools Lite — agreeing in all its functionalities.

In total, 8 points were discussed at the beginning:

  1. Convert chips and stacks into big blinds
  2. Using keyboard shortcuts and mouse buttons
  3. A colored frame around the current actual table
  4. Change fonts
  5. Table layout
  6. Bet sizing
  7. HUD
  8. Close dialog boxes

And now, after more than a month, all the formalities have been met and WPN Tools Lite has been added to the PokerKing whitelist software.

The main changes in WPN Tools Lite (version 70) compared to the previous version are the following ones:

  • Bet sizing was completely redesigned
  • HUD: "Stack average", "Stack effective", "Stack minimum" (it only shows the value at the beginning of the hand)
  • HUD: "Betting buttons cash/tournament" (buttons removed "Raise to XX % of raise", "Raise to XX % of pot bet")
  • Deleted from HUD: "Delay Click", "Bluff equity", "Stack to pot ratio", "Player timing", "Pot odds to push"
  • Removed auto-action: "Click button "Add-on $ for X chips"
  • Removed hotkeys: "Raise to XX % of raise", "Raise to XX % of pot bet", "Bet decrease/increase preflop $$$ BB, postflop &&& % of pot"
  • Removed tab: "Hotkeys - Delay"

The new version is available to download now. After downloading it, you just need to copy the new files into the folder where WPN Tools was installed. There have been big changes to the software and some things may not work as before, players need to adapt to the new version but is only good new to have it back.

Now you can comfortably grind again in PokerKing and enjoy our VIP rakeback deal!

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Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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