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$1.7M GTD XL Retro Series at 888Poker


For the second time in the jubilee year of 2022 (20th anniversary), 888Poker decided to bring back old tournaments in one series. $1,400,000 will be awarded in 27 XL Retro Series events and another $300k in other daily events.

$1.7M GTD XL Retro Series at 888Poker

Features of the series

For the second time this year, 888Poker is allowing its players to participate in old tournaments that were sometimes part of the regular schedule. In March, $888k GTD Retro Week was also played, and soon a new similar festival will be held:

From October 9 to 24, 2022, the XL Retro Series will guarantee $1,4000,000 across 27 numbered events.

The series is unlike any other tournament festival in the room this year:

  • Besides events with buy-in from $11 to $525, three massive events will be held:
    • $1,050 ($45,000 XL Retro #12 and #13)
    • $2,100 ($150,000 XL Retro #26)
  • The average guarantee compared to the XL Spring Series has increased by a quarter to about $52,000, even though the average buy-in (excluding the 3 most expensive tournaments) rose to $144 (roughly 8%). However, almost a million of the guaranteed prize pool will be added to the four largest events
  • Every day, except Sundays, three more MTTs will be held within the series, guaranteeing $300,000 altogether:
    • $6,000 XL Retro Big Shot 11
    • $12,000 XL Retro PKO Rumble 22 
    • $12,000 XL Retro Big Shot 55

Besides the old tournaments, two events will start on October 16 in the fashionable PKO format — Mystery Bounty (with buy-ins of $33, $215, and guarantees from $20k to $200k). The payment of the random bounty will begin after the end of the late registration period.

888Poker held a similar tournament on September 25, 2022. The $100k guaranteed was almost doubled, and players made 1,887 entries of $109. The biggest bounty ($10k) was won by the player who left the tournament in 89th place.

Full XL Retro Series schedule:

DateTime (CET-2)EventBuy-in
9 October21:00$120,000 XL Retro #01 – Mega Deep Opening Event$109
 21:30$45,000 XL Retro #02 – Whale Opening Event$525
 22:00$15,000 XL Retro #03 – Mini Mega Deep Opening Event$33
10 October21:00$20,000 XL Retro #04 – Tornado 8-Max$109
 21:30$3,000 XL Retro #05 – BlowFish 8-Max$11
11 October21:00$20,000 XL Retro #06 – Crocodile PKO$320
 21:30$8,000 XL Retro #07 – SwordFish PKO$33
12 October21:00$15,000 XL Retro #08 – Lightning 6-Max$109
 21:30$6,000 XL Retro #09 – Mini Lightning 6-Max$33
13 October21:00$20,000 XL Retro #10 – Hurricane$109
 21:30$4,000 XL Retro #11 – CatFish$16.50
15 October21:00$45,000 XL Retro #12 – Volcano PKO$1,050
16 October21:00$200,000 XL Retro #13 – Mystery Bounty$215
 21:30$45,000 XL Retro #14 – Whale 8-Max$525
 22:00$20,000 XL Retro #15 – Mini Mystery Bounty$33
17 October21:00$15,000 XL Retro #16 – Monsoon$55
 21:30$3,000 XL Retro #17 – BlowFish$11
18 October21:00$20,000 XL Retro #18 – Crocodile KO$320
 21:30$8,000 XL Retro #19 – Big Fish KO$33
19 October21:00$5,000 XL Retro #20 – PLO 6-Max$109
 21:30$1,500 XL Retro #21 – Mini PLO 6-Max$33
20 October21:30$20,000 XL Retro #22 – Crocodile PKO 8-Max$320
22 October22:30$45,000 XL Retro #23 – Volcano$1,050
23 October21:00$30,000 XL Retro #24 – Turbo Mega Deep PKO$109
 21:30$20,000 XL Retro #25 – Mini Mega Deep PKO$33
 21:00$150,000 XL Retro #26 – Super High Roller 8-Max$2,100
24 October22:00$500,000 XL Retro #27 - Main Event$250

Main Event

XL Retro Main Event

The Main Event will be the only multi-day tournament. 

16 flights to the $500,000 XL Retro #27 — Main Event for $250 will be held from October 20 to 24.

DateTime (CET-2)Structure
20 October20:00Regular
21 October2:00Hyper Turbo
22 October2:00Hyper Turbo
23 October2:00Hyper Turbo
24 October1:00Regular
 4:00Hyper Turbo
 20:30Hyper Turbo

As you can see from the table, there are three different types of Day 1: blinds growing every 3, 6, and 12 minutes. The starting stack in all cases equals 166.7BB.

From September 30, satellite freerolls are being played for the Main Event (three daily guaranteeing 21 tickets). Soon regular qualifiers with steps will be added.

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