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YouTube vs. Online poker round two

Author: Vargoso Published: 13.12.19

The relationship between online gambling and the major social networks and content sharing platforms has always been complex. While some sites like Twitch encourage poker streamers, YouTube and Facebook have strict rules that somehow result in problems for poker players. In this article, we share the latest wave of poker videos took down on the YouTube platform.

YouTube vs. Online poker round two

YouTube removes poker videos from its platform

Six months ago, we shared that YouTube deleted hundreds of poker videos; the video-sharing platform stated that the deleted videos were infringing their terms and conditions related to the links that led to poker sites and the eternal question of whether poker is a game of chance or not.

YouTube poker creators adapted to the new rules, and until now when a new wave of deleting videos bega.

Jaime Staples, a member of the partypoker Team Online, reported on his Twitter account that many of his videos posted on YouTube were deleted. Jaime mentions that 11 videos were taken down and that all his content complies with YouTube's terms and conditions.

Doug Polk joined the talk, saying that his videos weren't deleted, and he was confident that YouTube would fix the issue soon. Sadly, Polk's situation isn't the rule as many popular streamers joined Staples' complaint; for example, Jeff Gross shared that 19 videos were taken down from his channel.

Jaime contacted YouTube support, who confirmed that his content was flagged as "harmful or dangerous content". Creator support also said that Artificial Intelligence was still adjusting to these types of videos and that the YouTube platform was still learning on the fly.

Many poker players joined the conversation, and mainly, their request is to have clear rules for posting their content online. The first time, the situation was fixed for many players when they stopped adding links to their videos.

Luckily, this new wave of deleted videos seems to be just a bug in YouTube's automatic detection system. With fake news and a lot of truly harmful content that is uploaded to the platform every day, new protection systems based on artificial intelligence are being implemented. Clearly, these detections methods should be improved over time.

In the meantime, other platforms like Twitch are growing every day, and even major poker events like The Venom $6M are streamed directly by the poker rooms.

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