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GGNetwork Exclusive Chase in January 2021

automatically for all out players
Prize pool
up to $15.000
Useful information
Participating poker rooms: GGPoker, Natural8
rake chase
until 11th of February
Last update

Featured deals

Player Points Prize
1 xxx xxx 15000

Payout Structure

Points Prizes* (USD)
200 20
500 50
1,000 100
1,500 150
2,000 250
2,500 312.5
3,000 375
4,000 500
5,000 625
7,000 975
8,000 1,125
9,000 1,275
10,000 1,500
12,000 1,800
14,000 2,100
16,000 2,400
18,000 2,700
20,000 3,000
25,000 3,750
30,000 4,500
40,000 6,000
80,000 12,000
100,000 15,000

including N8 deductions

Terms and Conditions

  1. To take part in the Chase, you need to send us your registered e-mail address of poker room (GGPoker, Natural8)
  2. Only players accounts tagged under the WPD affiliate program are eligible to participate in the Chase.
  3. Players need to use ALL Fish Buffet spins \ points until the last day of the month to be eligible for the Chase. Violation may result in excluding players from the competition.
  4. Prizes will be credited to player's e-wallets on the 9-11th of the following month.
  5. Worldpokerdeals and GGnetwork reserve the right to change the details of the Chase without prior notice.
  6. $1 net rake = 2 points.
  7. The leaderboard rankings are based on the player’s PVI Net rake results (only POKER rake is counted), calculated with the following formula:

For GGPoker:

Net rake: Gross PVI rake* - First Deposit Bonus - Fish Buffet - Promotions - Insurances - Tournaments overlays - PSP fees.

Promotions — any promotion such as leaderboards, sign up bonuses, jackpots, coupons, etc.

PSP fees — Deposit and/or Withdrawal costs. It is cashier fees for players who deposit and withdraw using the in-app cashier: 4% for deposits and 1% for withdrawal.

For Natural8:

Net rake: (Gross PVI rake* - Fish Buffet - Tournaments overlays - Insurances) - Deductions**100%

Deductions = Promotions + PSP fees + First Deposit Bonus

*Gross PVI rake is not correlated to your gross rake. PVI is an indirect rake structure that considers behavioral aspects of the game, such as profits, deposits, withdrawals, etc.

**Deductions are taken from the final prize after the leaderboard ranking was determined.

Vargoso 31.12.2020

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