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Grinders HUD

More than 40 pop ups, 6000 custom stats ( including "vs. Hero") and  advanced stats on board textures! Promo code: worldpokerdeals

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Grinders HUD was created specially to work with Hand 2 Note at cash tables. It allows to get even more information about opponents and increse profits for the player. If you' like to see new leaks in the game of your opponents then the dynamic (for the positions) version of HUD is perfect for you. And if you prefer conservative  game then for you  there is a classic option available.

If you are not yet familiar with the features and capabilities of Hand 2 Note, then it should be said about the differences between classic and dynamic HUDs. Every regular knows classical version, but the feature and the main advantage of the dynamic HUD in the output of statistics on opponents, depending on their position at the table, the size of the stack, etc.

Other equally important features of the HUD are:

- Block structure of pop-ups, thanks to which it will be easier for you to choose the optimal solution in the hand.
- The most complete information. Now when you choose any stat, you will be able to access additional preflop charts, charts with the most accurate data. The action profit function will be displayed to calculate the profitability of the action.
- Customized stats. You will become available very useful stats that you previously did not even guess.
- Versus Hero stats. Now, during the hand for all statistics in the HUD, vs.Hero will be displayed automatically.
- Innovative statistics on textures. Extended statistics on the texture of the boards, taking into account the exit of cards on the turn and river.
- Great speed and efficiency. In order to use the HUD data you have enough minimum requirements for your CPU or laptop.

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