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Playing poker online has become a popular hobby in recent years. More and more poker rooms are setting their eyes on this promising market, and with this, the work of affiliates becomes increasingly important. However, many players do not know the benefits that playing with the support of a site like ours brings.

What is an online poker affiliate?

Long story short, an online poker affiliate is a poker player's ally. It is a direct contact between the rooms that provide the service and the players who use it. It could be defined as a symbiotic relationship in which all the actors are favored:

  • The poker room specializes in offering its services as a gaming operator, processes deposits and withdrawals, holds active licenses, etc.
  • The player use of the services of the poker rooms, and his greatest interest lies in the security and transparency of the games, in addition to having stable software and enough traffic to play;
  • On the other hand, the affiliate specializes in capturing web traffic and sending large numbers of players to the poker rooms, allowing them to access special benefits that a player by himself could not receive, such as extra rakeback.

Hence, the ideal flow would be for the player in his search for a new poker room to play to use the services of an affiliate to register on the sites, thus accessing unique benefits such as rakeback.

Why should I play with a poker affiliate?

You can look at it another way: why would you lose benefits like rakeback and other promotions that can improve your income? Among the advantages of playing with a poker affiliate, we can highlight the following:

  • Receive a fair rakeback that rewards your efforts at the tables and helps you compensate for the months in which the EV is not on your side;
  • Access to special promotions such as rake races, rake chases, etc.
  • Support in situations familiar to poker players (how to deposit, how to withdraw, which is the best room to play);
  • VIP benefits such as free hand histories, discounts on software, etc.

How do I check if a poker affiliate is trustworthy?

Considering that affiliates provide services through the Internet, that's where you should look for evidence about the service they provide:

A Google search will tell you a lot about your affiliate:

  • Are there any complaints related to the affiliate's service?
  • Are they active on social networks, forums, and global affiliate pages?
  • Do they participate in conferences like iGB Affiliate?
  • Do they update the website regularly?
  • Do the reviews on the website look paid? Honesty is a key value for an affiliate.

What are your friends saying? Ask them or on your social media if anyone has references from the site.

Do they offer fair rakeback deals that allow the business to be sustainable in the long term?

How do they provide customer service? Do they have a Skype/WhatsApp/Facebook staff to answer your questions? Do they answer your questions quickly?

Does he invite you to do illegal things? An affiliate who recommends using VPN to play or invites you to play in rooms not allowed in your country can become a bad experience in the long run.

Is it transparent in its offers? Does it give you all the details of what you will receive?

Is an affiliate the same as an agent or a cashier?

Not necessarily. An agent or cashier of applications such as PPPoker provides the service of loading chips to clubs. An affiliate can include this service in his portfolio but is not limited to only this one.

For example, Worldpokerdeals provides access to more than 20 different unions in all applications and offers rakeback deals in the world's most well-known poker networks and rooms.

I want to start playing poker online with an affiliate. What should I do?

You only need to contact your affiliate and ask about the deals available. After verifying your requirements (stakes, format, country of residence), you must create your gaming account by following the necessary instructions (via a specific link, using a bonus code, etc.)

Once your gaming account is verified, you will start enjoying the benefits of playing with an affiliate.

Do you want to become a poker affiliate?

Suppose you have your own traffic source (website, blog, streams, YouTube/Twitch channel, etc.). In that case, you can become a poker affiliate, boosting your profits. For this, you have two paths:

  1. Contacting poker rooms directly, which usually have high requirements to offer you an affiliate deal. Even some sites don't take new affis.
  2. Register as a Worldpokerdeals affiliate, getting competitive and fast deals.

If you decide to work with WPD as your master poker affiliate, you will get the following benefits:

  1. Competitive deals on all the reliable active poker networks on one site.
  2. Lifetime income for your referred players.
  3. Friendly reports updated with all the data of your players.
  4. On-time payments through different wallets, including cryptocurrencies.
  5. Support to hold your own promotions.

Advantages of working with Worldpokerdeals

Worldpokerdeals is a reliable affiliate with almost a decade of experience in the market, providing services to players worldwide, building trust with on-time payments every month, and supporting everything within our reach.

Please contact us to start working with us right now:

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