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Who are we?

WorldPokerDeals was established in 2012, and rapidly developed from a local project to a leader in the affiliate market.

We work with almost all known poker networks and independent rooms, providing special setups for players in reservation-only and local networks. We pay rakeback, provide rake races, and maintain contact with each of our 20,000 players.

WorldPokerDeals is an example of what can be accomplished when applying dedication and a human approach to the needs of the online poker industry. And today, we invite you to become part of our community, or to at least establish a partnership with us and begin increasing your earnings.

Our Numbers:

  • 20 000
  • $ 2 000 000
    in rake per month
  • $ 1 000 000+
    in player profits
    per month

Tell a Friend

Tell your friends about us! If they register and play in any of our rooms – you will earn a lifetime percent of their rake.

  • Once your friends are registered, there’s nothing else you need to do! We will support your friend and ensure they are having the best possible gaming experience.
  • Your friends will always be linked to your account; it doesn’t matter what rooms they play in.
  • Your friends will also get better deals when joining with your reference.
Possible Income
up to $8000

Affiliate Program

If you have any sources of traffic (blog, twitch, youtube channel, etc.), you can earn money through our affiliate program without having to start your own business from scratch.

  • Total Freedom: You can give your players any deals you want!
  • Confidentiality: We never disclose any of your information to anyone.
  • For those who qualify as larger affiliates, we can help you create promotional materials and provide consultation services about any issues that might be a leak in your affiliate game.
Possible Income
up to $30 000


If you can speak any language that is not represented by WorldPokerDeals or you can organize a translation, we’re ready to provide all the necessary information and technical support to help you create your own website on our platform.

  • Design your own website on the WorldPokerDeals platform.
  • We have developed the administration system and the platform for the Sabaffils.
  • We offer unlimited customization capabilities.
  • We are able to help you maximum possible deals. We provide support on all issues.
up to $10 000
WPD team

Become a part of our team, and visit us in Thailand!

Referral and affiliate partners with $10,000+ rake per month will get:

Two free, round trip tickets to Thailand annually
Entertainment stuff
All-inclusive villa party
Chance to get better deal while we’re drunk

Trusted by

Artem “FaNjke” Kobilinsky

Artem “FaNjke” Kobilinsky

High stakes online regular and offline MTTs player with $600,000 in career profits. He is also the SCOOP 2017 champion.



Legendary cash game regular who plays up to NL$10k; boasts strictly vertical graphs. He retired from poker in 2018.

Sergey “PAlblCH” Chudopal

Sergey “PAlblCH” Chudopal

Mid and high stake HU cash game regular and winner of EPT, WPT, RPT, BPT, EAPT and other events. Has secured $500.000+ in career profits.

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