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Most of poker rooms have an option to save all hand histories in .txt files. Do players have access to it? Yes. And that’s where poker trackers can help.

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      Hand2Note is an advanced software for tracking hands and processing poker statistics, suitable for beginners and professional grinders. The tracker contains a set of general tools present in similar programs and many unique ones. We will discuss those in particular in our review.

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      DriveHUD 2

      DriveHUD 2 is a next-generation HUD and database software. It was designed by professional poker players with a deep understanding of users' needs. Since the launch of the initial version back in 2016, software developers have received much feedback and suggestions from customers. Many of them have been considered and implemented into this new and improved release.

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      Holdem Manager 3

      The latest version of Holdem Manager is not an update or add-on that can be downloaded via HM2. In other words, HM3 is a brand new product developed from scratch.

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      Poker Tracker 4

      PokerTracker 4 is one of the most famous poker programs for collecting, analyzing, and displaying statistics. The software is suitable for any poker player, as it supports all popular disciplines, game formats, and poker rooms. You can download Poker Tracker 4 and use it for free for 14 days without restrictions.

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      Poker Copilot

      Poker Copilot is a friendly HUD designed for macOS (now compatible with Windows too).

    • Jivaro Tracker Logo

      Simple and convenient tracking software for gathering statistics (no longer supported)

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