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My name is Rodion Longa. I am a former pro-player, coach and these days - a Head of WorldPokerDeals.com affiliate group based in Thailand.

For the last 5 years I was living in South Asia -  providing complex game solutions and unique setups for poker professionals. 

At this site our team collects the best offers at the most loyal poker networks, offers rakeback and represents player's interests in online poker industry.

Welcome and never hesitate to contact our crew

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The WorldPokerDeals portal does not organize gambling activities (much to our regret), but the information posted on our website is a direct command (with applications of the neuro-linguistic programming techniques, where possible) to hand in all of your chips and then sell the whole kit and boodle in an attempt to win it back.

We, the poker pros, will be very grateful to you for that. Register accounts in our partner rooms, and then go bananas and gamble neck-deep.

Thank you for staying with us! :)

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Lotos Poker
Lotos Poker monthly rake chase
Rake Prize
1 $100 $15
2 $240 $36
3 $500 $75
4 $1000 $150
5 $2000 $300
Betfair Poker
10.000$ MTT & SNG VIP Leaderboard from WorldPokerDeals on August
Username Prize Rake Rake difference
1 LickthatLolli 2000 25443.21 0
2 cliffy07 1250 24415.96 1027.24
3 lexx7y7 750 19685.08 4730.88
4 Bibhadon88 600 11430.29 8254.79
5 TheNotoriousOne 500 10836.04 594.26
Party & Bwin Poker
$15,000 Party and Bwin Private race August
Username Points Prize
1 mkirschii 6787 $1875
2 betxxbet 4816 $1350
3 Boulbiboulbi 4677 $1125
4 Ghostbiker87 4306 $975
5 lubera3311 4085 $750
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