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Vargoso 19.11.19
Best online poker rooms for Danish poker players
The Kingdom of Denmark is a Nordic Country located in the Scandinavian Peninsula. It's considered one of the most developed countr...
Vargoso 18.11.19
Best online poker rooms for Norwegian poker players
The Kingdom of Norway has been considered the happiest country in the world, thanks to the impressive development rates in terms o...
Vargoso 17.11.19
Best online poker rooms for Slovenian poker players
The Republic of Slovenia is a small (it has only 2 million inhabitants) and a highly developed country; it's also a member of the...
Vargoso 14.11.19
Best online poker rooms for Belgian poker players
The Kingdom of Belgium is of the European Union's founder and is considered one of the most evolved countries in the world in term...
Vargoso 13.11.19
Best online poker rooms for German poker players
Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the world: it's the most populous country in the European Union with over 80M inh...
Vargoso 12.11.19
Best online poker rooms for Hungarian poker players
Hungary is a Central European country with almost 10 million inhabitants. This is one of the few members of the European Union tha...
Vargoso 10.11.19
Best online poker rooms for Polish poker players
With almost 40M inhabitants, Poland is one of the most populous countries in the European Union. Besides its capital, Warsaw, Pola...
Vargoso 09.11.19
Hand histories returns to partypoker
partypoker has been in the eye of the storm this year due to several anti-reg features (HUD prohibition, restrict the access to ha...
Vargoso 09.11.19
High stakes HU SnG cheaters exposed: GTO video unveils scam
Online poker cheats are one of the main issues of the industry in 2019. Although players and poker rooms actively fight against it...
Vargoso 08.11.19
Best online poker rooms for Czech poker players
The Czech Republic (also known as Czechia) is a beautiful Central European country with over 10M inhabitants, making it an excitin...
Vargoso 06.11.19
The new GG Poker Network: 6+ Hold'em, hand histories, and more
The latest software update rolled out by GG Poker Network in November was not limited to the introduction of 6+ Hold'em and rebran...
Vargoso 05.11.19
Sunday Majors: over $3M awarded in MTT prizes
In this article, we share the results of the most significant MTT events that were played on November 3, 2019, including the detai...
Vargoso 04.11.19
$500k SPINS Storm at partypoker
Each month partypoker unveils new poker promotions designed to attract new players to the tables; in recent months, the focus has...
Vargoso 04.11.19
GG Poker Network leaves several European countries
Playing online poker in a country with an unstable gambling regulation can be a challenge. When a poker network succeeds, it must...
Vargoso 04.11.19
Best online poker rooms for Estonian poker players
Estonia is the smallest country of the so-called Baltic States. Its capital, Tallinn, is one of the most popular destinations in E...
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