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Key parameter of online poker is $/hour. The faster you make decisions, the higher your hourly rate becomes. This section presents software that helps to increase the number of hands you play per hour.

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  • Ipoker Tools
    iPoker Tools

    iPoker Tools is a program from the family of poker assistants, designed to provide a comfortable game in the rooms of the iPoker network. It allows you to convert all the stacks to BBs, set up hotkeys and bet-sizing scripts, set parameters for automatic table placement, and much more, which will be extremely useful when playing. How to use IPoker tools is detailed in the review.

  • Leakbuster
    Leak Buster

    Software that extracts key statistics about your play in order to find your largest poker leaks.

  • Nicehandomaha

    NiceHandOmaha - the Software that Shows Hand Ranking in Omaha while Playing on PokerStars

  • Holdem Indicator
    Holdem Indicator

    HUD for Bodog and Bovada.

  • Magic Seat

    Poker table auto seating script for PS, WPN, MPN, IPoker and 888

  • Need4seat

    Highstakes Online Poker Seating Script. NEED4SEAT is no longer available.

  • Wpn Tools
    WPN Tools

    The program is prohibited on the Winning Poker Network.

  • Wpn Tools Lite
    WPN Tools Lite

    WPN Tools Lite is a software from a series of poker assistants to improve the convenience of playing at the Winning Poker Network (WPN) rooms.  Its capabilities are severely limited by the rules of the network, but it still allows you to use hotkeys, arrange tables and display HUD.

  • Smart Table Scanner
    Smart Table Scanner

    Smart Table Scanner is no longer available.

9 from 9 tools
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